Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed 'Till the Cows Come Home!'

Brilliant sunshine today, a brilliant morning here with my fave visitor, and a brilliant headline from the Jakarta Globe!


  • 16 Years: Luthfi Jailed Until the Cows Come Home

  • luthfibeard Luthfi of the PKS
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  • I often criticise the local English-language media but fair’s fair, that is neat!


Disgraced Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) head Luthfi Hasan Ishaq was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Monday for attempting to corrupt Indonesia’s beef-import quota after a marathon four-hour reading of the case at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court.

The PKS is often described as the Indonesian party most closely resembling the Muslim Brotherhood, but their reputation for ‘clean politics’ has taken a nose-dive, not just because of Luthfi’s travails, but because of tortuous wriggling that falls far short of condemnation in this and similar cases brought by the KPK – the Anti-Corruption Commission.


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  • PKS party members have attempted to distance themselves from Ahmad in the months following the arrests, but, for the most part, have stuck behind Luthfi. The former chair should not have been charged with accepting a bribe, the party argued, because the money never made it past Ahmad.

Ahmad who?

  • ahmad fathanah - wanita disekelilingnya (merdeka com) b - k

‘A corruptor surrounded by lovelies!’

  • Ahmad Fathanah, that’s who, something of a legend nowadays among womanisers, for his multitude of friendly acquaintances among the beauties of

maharani sms

Imported beef (daging) prices compare favourably with the alleged Meridien malam (night) fee!


Ahmad was arrested at Le Meridien Hotel, in Jakarta, shortly after accepting the bribery funds. Antigraft investigators found the married man in a hotel room with a naked college student he reportedly paid Rp 10 million to sleep with him.


Of course we don’t know how far some of his relationships went, but even to spend a relaxed arvo drinking coffee in the company of people like Vitalia…




…much less an idyll in Le Meridian with Maharani…there are worse ways to fritter away one’s time in the Big Durian!


It’s hard ( for me, at least!) not to feel more sympathy with Fathanah (jailed for 14 years!) who at least got some fun out of his funds – Luthfi in contrast is a bit of a bore.

And how can those PKS-ers exculpate Luthfi just because his underling seemingly got more use (and more  interesting use !) of the filthy lucre?

But the guy I have least time for is Luthfi’s successor as party leader, the ghastly Anis Matta. Not only did the Jakarta Globe have these telling words in its headline back then

New PKS Chief as Dirty as Old One: KPK



anis-matta Anis Matta


RRA has repeatedly held him up to scorn  for his nauseating ode to mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden.

C’mon, KPK, keep up the good work!