‘Dirty Dogs?’ That’s How Pinkos View Democracy!

A while ago I took exception to a Jakarta Post opinion piece, in which a notorious left-lib Antipodean used the term ‘dog-whistle.’ https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/jakarta-posts-left-libbery-with-an-antipodean-accent/


He was expressing the usual snobbish pinko attitude towards the electorate, in this case the Australian electorate, but elitist arrogance is not restricted to one country.


  • elite arrogance-s
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  • It’s a worldwide form of psychological ailment, and I was delighted to find my view echoed in a notably non-conservative location by a Brit ( I assume he’s a Brit, but his name could indicate he’s from Eire) whose politics, I believe, are far to the left of mine, but who still respects other people with whom he shares his democratic heritage.
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This twitchy fear of what horrors Cameron’s words might unleash among the basically racist throng was summed up in the oft-repeated phrase ‘dog whistle politics’. Numerous commentators accused Cameron of ‘pure dog whistling’, of using ‘the politics of the dog whistle’ on the issue of immigration in order to shore up his public support. Think about how insulting that phrase is.


Rabid-Dog-for-OS Average UK Voter?


It refers to the process by which a mainstream politician emits a shrill noise which will not be heard by Us, the decent folk, but will be heard by Them, the xenophobes, the prejudiced, the dogs, effectively, of public life and mass society, who are just waiting for the order from their master before unleashing their inner anti-immigrant fury.

The illiberal liberals of the anti-Cameron set are really upset with him because they think he has potentially unleashed the dogs of hatred.http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/why_britains_elites_prefer_migrants_to_the_masses/14381#.UqLj_qwcWxs

O’Neill says it all so well, there’s little needs to be added, except that Cameron deserves little credit for his belated conversion to patriotic speechifying.




Cast-Iron is plainly alarmed at the desertion of millions of real conservatives to UKIP, and no amount of windy rhetoric will bring them back.

What he’s now saying sounds good, but the real thing sounds better.

It is not any kind of whistle, but rather an echo of thunder, a genuine thunderous roar of wrath, not whistled up politicians but emanating from the very soul of a nation betrayed.