Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Atheists Get Out of Indonesia!”

The MUI, that Council of Islamist ‘Scholars’ here in Indonesia, has told the Government to provide NO services whatsoever to anyone who doesn’t embrace a religious belief.

Nor should they even be living in Indonesia!


  • tengku zulkarnain-mui- Tengku of the MUI
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  • today reports that the MUI Secretary General, Tengku Zulkarnain, said the Ministry of Home Affairs should step back. According to Tengku, if there are atheists, they must get out of this country. The Minister must retract his words . An atheist is not entitled to any guarantees from this country,” he said on Thursday.



This latest intolerant rant came after the Ministry’s Director General, Dukcapil Irman, declared that if indeed there are people who claim no religion, there is no compulsion to fill in the relevant column in the ID still will facilitate the administration of the populace.


An improvement on this rubbish. And that’s surely what the Government’s bureaucracy is all about, administration not inquisition.

But MUI sees it VERY differently.


Tengku reckons that the ministerial statement is wrong, because it opens up a space for people to not embrace religion. The Government should not carelessly give tolerance injuring principles of Pancasila...because the state guarantees only people who embrace religion and belief.”

Pancasila is the pluralist ideology on which Indonesia was founded. It recognises everyone’s right to live under God Almighty. It doesn’t, I think, say what you are required to believe!

But maybe I’m wrong…


hidayat PKS legislator Hidayat


One legislator, former PKS Presidential candidate, Hidayat Nur Wahid, topped up the fanatic warning – atheism is considered to be very contrary to the principles of law…there would be a serious opportunity for people to violate the rules.

“For ID cards, the Government should have strict rules. Avoid opening up a gap for godless inflows,” said Hidayat. If indeed there is a column that is not filled in, then those citizens should be considered as not meeting enrollment requirements . He added that by emptying the religion column in the E – ID card…a new concern arises in the public perception...religion on the ID card reduces conflict among the citizens.

And what might that mean?

It looks like a fairly explicit recognition that large numbers of Islamist fanatics will use any excuse to incite hatred for ‘non-believers’ among ignoramuses, of whom there are plenty, given that many people can’t afford to send their kids to school.

We have seen the sectarian arson. murders and other barbaric scenes that pock-mark the face of this beautiful country all too often, especially in recent years.

I’d have thought that a state-funded body of ‘scholars’ might see its duty as instructing the masses in fair play, freedom of belief, and general respect for each other’s beliefs, or lack thereof, rather than issue weasel words using ignorant bigotry as an excuse to deny basic liberties to a small and harmless minority (and atheists are a VERY small minority here- almost everyone’s got religion, Muslim or otherwise)

  • Al Khatat Al K
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  • Or I would have thought so, were I not all too aware of the sentiments of a senior MUI figure, Muhammed Al Khaththath, a year or so ago, who called for the KILLING of an insignificant Sumatran atheist named Alex.
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  • fui anti-america FUI fanatics in ‘Hate America’ demo
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Al K is a nasty man, who’s running for parliament next year in North Jakarta – read all about him here.

Enough for now – but there’s another aspect to this ID card issue – many Islamists aren’t content to have a religion entered. They also seek to enforce their own ideas on what religion one may enter.