Stir It, Ahok! Malaysia Less Religious Than Indonesia?

After this week’s caterwauling by the MUI clerics’ against Indonesia’s tiny atheist minority  Jakarta’s Deputy Governor, Basuki, nick-named Ahok, has brought a breath of fresh air into the dreary sagas of local religious intolerance.

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Now Ahok has  got stuck right into the nonsense.

“In other parts of the world, [such as] Malaysia, there is no column [on ID cards] for a religion. And Malaysia is a country with a very strong [tradition of] religion.”




…he opposed the inclusion of a religion column on national ID cards for any reason, saying it was unimportant.

Ahok knocked down the damnfool argument that such branding was essential to ensure appropriate burial. “What if you die in an airplane [crash]? Police have found many bodies that had no ID cards, how do you bury them?” he said.

But Ahok was probably at his most provocative when he favourably compared Malaysia’s procedures with Indonesia’s. The two countries are very similar, share more or less a common language, but are often at odds with each other, even at war in the 1960s when Sukarno wanted to grab chunks of Borneo for his expansionist schemes.

“My question is simple, is Malaysia less religious than us? Malaysia doesn’t even have a Religious Affairs Ministry, there’s no religion column on its ID card. It’s much more advanced than we are…”

And he had a  sting in the tail too, reminding people obliquely of the massive corruption scandal currently engulfing the PKS, that MOST religious party modelled on the Muslim Brotherhood!


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  • PKS ex-Leader Luthfi, 16 years in the clink!
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Once more, encore, Ahok!