‘Happy New Year? Don’t You Dare!’ – Aceh’s Islamist Bigots

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The Verandah of Mecca, the Islamists of Aceh like to call their province, the only part of Indonesia where shariah is enshrined. And they certainly do their best to make it a hellish place for normal folk to live.


Timlo.net reports that the Ulema (‘Scholars’) Consultative Assembly (MPU) of Aceh has issued a fatwa against Muslims celebrating New Year!


 They reckon the festival is part of the ritual/ liturgy of the Christian religion. Banning the celebration of New Year is also due to the celebration of the Roman ritual of the ancient god Janus .

Therefore, the MPU meeting in Banda Aceh have concluded that New Year celebration straddles the Islamic faith. “So we have concluded that New Year celebration is illegal for Muslims,” said the head of the MPU Banda Aceh, Abdul Karim Shaikh, in a press conference at the offices of Banda Aceh MPU , Friday ( 13/12 )


Accordingly, the MPU Banda Aceh have asked the city government of Banda Aceh to withhold permission to celebrate Christmas and New Year for Muslims….

The MPU also warned hotel managers, cafes and other places not to have parties and celebrations to welcome the New Year…Abdul Karim Shaikh said MPU has sent a letter to schools not to celebrate the New Year. “Thank God they responded very enthusiastically,” he said.

Before we continue with this straightforward illustration of what a horrible place Aceh must be to live in, some of you will be pondering the fact that shariah applies to Muslims only. One feels sorry for them, if they feel coerced into following this kill-joy diktat. Incidentally, normal Muslims, like those who dwell here in Jakarta, enjoy New Year as much as I do. Governor Jokowi may, even as I type, be supervising big fireworks preparations, like last year’s!


fireworks Jakarta New Year!


But what about the non-Muslim minority up there in Bigotland? They’re not bound by shariah, so they can enjoy their festive season, right?


MPU reminded non- Muslim citizens to respect Aceh’s shariah Islamic law. This is to anticipate actions that would disrupt public order and disturb the convenience of the people.

“I’ve talked to three pastors in Banda Aceh, they are favorable to the policy. We ask all alike to keep control of this,” he continued.

Of course they are favourable! They are living in a shariah despotism, where minority rights exist only at the whim of mean-spirited fanatics.

And we hear too that the Shariah Gestapo, Wilayahul Hizbah (WH) in Banda Aceh, are broadcasting all this good news from speakers mounted on a patrol car. Traders were also asked to not sell New Year trumpets and fireworks.

Another important duty- policing women’s clothing!

Aceh’s Shariah Gestapo


Meanwhile, one of the Islamic Students Association (HMI) in Banda Aceh, Umar, welcomed the policy taken by the MPU Banda Aceh. “We are ready to support the fatwa,” said Umar.  http://www.timlo.net/baca/68719522558/mui-aceh-perayaan-tahun-baru-haram-bagi-umat-muslim/

Happily, many other young Acehnese don’t have any time for the Dark Age dictatorship! https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/aceh-young-party-goers-bash-shariah-goon/