‘Soekarno’ Film – IslamoNazis Threaten Cinema Raids!

Those vile thugs, the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’ infamous across Indonesia for their cowardice and bullying, are up in arms yet again, telling us what movies we may or may not watch.

Never mind if this one’s passed or not by the famously strict Indonesian film censor board!

And why are these rabid bigots frothing? Have one guess!

FPI is not satisfied with the results of censorship of the film about Sukarno. Some scenes seem to have a different view of Islam. http://celebrity.okezone.com/read/2013/12/17/206/913471/film-soekarno-tetap-tayang-fpi-ancam-sweeping-bioskop

Oh, well, in THAT case, none of us must be allowed even a teeny wee glimpse of the movie. A different view of Islam!


Cikeusik Pogrom – Islamist rabble martyr Innocent Ahmadis


Of course that’s impermissible – hell, you can even get battered to death here for taking a different view of Islam. Remember Cikeusik!


The IslamoNazis appear to think that now they are not only arbiters of spiritual and moral issues, but also history experts!

Sukarno was the first President of Indonesia till his overthrow in 1965, and even today debate swirls around exactly what kind of leader he was. He was a Muslim, certainly, but never showed much sign of the sort of demented sectarian hatred that animates the FPI. Sukarno never, for example, incited murder against any religious minority, as did FPI Secretary General Sobri Lubis!

  • alubis

Here he is, with the link to his famous speech, captured on video, in which he urges a mob of slobbering bigots to “bunuh, bunuh, bunuh  – kill, kill, kill” the peaceful Ahmadi minority.


I truly hope the censors do not bend before these white-shirt storm-troops, who in fact have a long-standing grudge against the director, Hanung Bramantyo.

FPI-protes-film-cinta-tapi-beda-antara-jpeg.image_ Hanung


He has previously produced several films. like Cinta Tapi Beda, which enraged Islamist fanatics of all kinds  The title means Love but Different https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/cinta-tapi-beda-first-blood-to-islamonazis/ 

And another, entitled ”? – Question Mark” – the ratbags didn’t like its approach to inter-faith relations either. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/as-anger-mounts-over-sctvs-cowardice-islamonazis-widen-the-net-well-attack-at-all-costs/

To their eternal discredit, the tv company SCTV grovelled to the louts and pulled it, so ‘? – Question Mark‘ didn’t get on the tv screens till many months later.

Back then, honourable Muslims spoke up against the FPI.


Julia Perez. the dangdut star and movie actress, went on Twitter to say she’ was ‘ready to help’ Hanung Bramantyo, the producer. He responded with thanks, adding that it’s not about films but ‘against gangsterism masquerading as religion!”
 jupe Jupe    Ansor ansor-bedge

And Vivanews.com reported that the Ansor Youth Movement, Nusron Wahid,  had ‘condemned the Islamic Defenders Front. “ Today that film of Hanung, tomorrow who else? We do not know. Law and security forces treated this action as if it’s normal. The police are silent, ignore it.”

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Sad but true, the cops back then failed to intervene against the intimidation by the hoodlums. And today, still, Jakarta FPI Gauleiter Habib Selon makes no effort to hide his animosity.


  • habib salimx Gauleiter – and history expert! – Habib
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  • “We urge that this be halted, until there is a better version that doesn’t harm morals. And not only this film of Hanung’s, but any film morally pernicious, like? – Question Mark
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So what if the government censors decline the IslamoNazi invitation to re-censor this movie.

“We will wait for the aspirations of the Muslim Community and the FPI to be accepted. If the film still enters the cinemas, we will launch sweeping.”

I’ll skip comment on the arrogance of the thugs, who seek to identify their own moronic nastiness with the entire Muslim community. That’s self-evident hogwash.

But for my part, well, I’d intended to go see this film anyway. My determination is now all the stronger.