A Blow for Freedom – Oz ‘Rights’ Body Given Sense Jab!

All over the Western world, the clammy hands of so-called ‘human rights’ commissions have been strangling civil liberties held dear for centuries. 

Arrested for speaking one’s mind!  Sentenced to ‘diversity training!’ People scared to criticise undesirable aliens! Look what happened to Bolt? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/end-boo-hoo-bans-on-free-speech-oz-to-repeal-bolt-law/

Now Australia has taken another small but significant step to purify the murky waters these commissars wallow in.


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  • The Abbott government has sent shock-waves through the anti-discrimination and political establishments by appointing one of the nation’s most vociferous critics to the Human Rights Commission.

That sounds good, and also reminds us of what a bloated bureaucracy these commissars operate.

An ‘anti-discrimination establishment!’

How monstrous that such a thing could even exist, never mind have  snow-balled into a major menace to individual liberty, exploiting the boo-hoo bleaters among so-called ‘minorities!’


Heck, we’re all minorities, I’m an Ulster-Scot ethnic, senior cit, left-handed, all minority categories, not just here in Indonesia but probably in every land.

And while my Ulster descent presents no problems among Indonesians, being any age over forty here can mean you run into overt age (and sex) discrimination. Plenty ads specify they want cute young women for jobs! Imagine!

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  • Don’t even ask what’s wrong with left-handedness here!
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  • I’m retired now, but even when I was in competition – hopeless competition! – with cute young women after jobs teaching English, did I go stamp my foot and look for some commissar’s shoulder to cry on (preferably a cute young woman commissar’s!)

Like hell. People have the right to choose who they want to hire.And to hold and express opinions about those they favour and disfavour, rightly or wrongly.

And if they produce tv shows about Bule Gila (Crazy Whites) so what? Should we foreigners whine and grizzle like those spoilt brats of all ages who go crawling to their local ‘human rights’ sticky-beak gestapo if somebody has the GALL to OFFEND them?

BTW, it’s true – Indonesian TV comedy, Bule Gila – very funny, check it out.  http://vimeo.com/45026340

British Isles folk used to be quite good at making and taking jokes about mean Scots and thick Paddies and the things Welshmen were said to do with sheep!


That was in the days before the inquisitory equality industry got its teeth into humour, banned the golliwog, and chased that excellent Black and White Minstrel Show off the TV screens.

People were normal then, not boo-hoo bleaters!

And Tom Wilson seems normal! He will be informally known as the ”Freedom Commissioner.”

Tom Wilson


He says he is determined to ”refocus” the commission on defending free speech rather than concentrating on anti-discrimination work.

Attorney-General George Brandis”The appointment of Mr Wilson to this important position will help restore balance to the Australian Human Rights Commission which, during the period of the Labor government, has become increasingly narrow and selective in its view of human rights.”

Needless to say, one could count on the shrills extraordinaire, the Greens, to come out with a torrent of vacuity.

Green Shrill Wright

Greens legal affairs spokeswoman Penny Wright blows her dog-whistle to alert all peevish pinkos!

The Attorney-General has already made it clear he thinks some human rights are more important than others, including that free speech ought to trump anti-discrimination laws.” http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/tim-wilson-appointment-to-human-rights-commission-stirs-controversy-20131217-2zjbk.html#ixzz2no2r507k

And so it should! 

The sooner the whole anti-discrimination crock is emptied into the Old Pacific Sea, where it would merge very easily with one of Barry McKenzie’s legendary chunders, the better!