Bravo Dayaks – Mass Airport Rally to Block IslamoNazis

A thousand-strong demo in Kalimantan (Borneo) yesterday ended with an airport rally to thwart an Islamonazi FPI incursion.

Warga Dayak Duduki Bandara Tjilik Riwut Tolak Kedatangan Ketua FPI

The Dayak people of the island have long held the white-shirt thugs in contempt and refused to let them set up shop on their territory.
So when word spread that the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ Fuhrer, Habib Muchsin, was flying in from Jakarta, they organised their demonstration at  Tjilik Riwut Airport, in Palangkaraya.
fpi Habib-Muhsin-Ahmad Muchsin
—————————– reports that citizens converged from all over the area.
Bizarrely, the Islamonazi boss’s excuse for intruding on Kalimantan was to liaise with something calling itself Lembaga Antikorupsi Pejuang 45 –Anti-Corruption Institute, Fighters of 45. Given what you can read in our post about the FPI’s ethical standards, this might seem curious. 
But in any event, the Central Kalimantan Chairman of the Dayak Movement ( Gerdayak ) Mr.Yansen Binti clarified that they were not opposed to genuine anti-corrupton activity
…their action was being taken as they consider LAKI P45 as just an FPI front organization and “people from various parts of Central Kalimantan want no interference of any sort by FPI associated organizations because of trauma at FPI action in the past,” said Yansen .==========================
Yansen, orating, with other good Dayaks
Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Rochmawan Hendra confirmed they’d not had any notice of plans to launch LAKI P45 in Palangkaraya. But he said the police had agreed to reject it if there were elements that smelt like FPI in this organisation.
That’s an exact translation, and I like the imagery. Clothes-pegs become essential weapons in dealing with white-shirt hoodlum gangs!