Look Who’s Talking? FPI Lout Munarman Calls Ahok Arrogant!

One of the IslamoNazi FPI’s most notorious thugs, Munarman, has just shucked off about the last shred of credibility he had, denouncing Jakarta’s Deputy Governor Basuki (aka Ahok) as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant.’


Munarman, a delightful fellow


This from the man who was seen by millions on TVOne, hurling a glass of water over a mild-mannered professor who had the temerity to differ from the lout’s ranting on the activities of his hoodlum gang.


This from the man who called for people to “hunt down ‘liberals’ in their neighborhoods, to beat on their doors and expel them.” Jakarta Globe 15/3/12

munarman1 Munarman

And here’s that old photo of Munarman in action at the infamous Monas Riot of 2008, when IslamooNazi white-shirt scum bloodied and beat peaceful demonstrators calling for religious liberty in Indonesia. The cops stood back and watched the criminal assaults, but that’s another story. Munarman ran away, was eventually caught, and did time for his antics.

Oya, and Munarman was even deported from a Muslim country, Jordan! https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/april-fool-indonesian-islamonazi-deported-by-jordan/

So when he says that Ahok should ‘do his job instead of too much commenting in the media,’ one is tempted to laugh.


Ahok comments because he’s asked to, and he’s asked to because unlike so many mealy-mouths in politics here, he talks sense, and does NOT mince his words.

Ahok’s comment this time, which has infuriated the IslamoNazi, concerned the requirement to fill in a column on the KTP – national ID card- declaring one’s religion.  


And interesting to note that Munarman singles out one aspect of Ahok’s words for special indignation, about those guilty of corruption

, Munarman dismisses that as “…stupid, linking the religion column in the ID card with the practice of one’s religion . He does not understand the meaning of democracy! ” 


Yes, how stupid to assume that claiming to be a member of a creed might involve adhering to its ethical principles.


Munarman was all set to be a parliamentary candidate for Apostasy Ali’s PPP party, but didn’t quiite manage to get his application form in order in time. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/alas-islamonazi-thug-boss-fails-ppp-candidate-test/
So he may be aware of some aspects of democracy.
But as the proud spokesman for a jihadist gang that repeatedly breaks the law, he’s hardly in any position to criticise others.