That Swine Watkins Should Die, NOT Get Out Early!!

Not a lot of good news this rainy Jakarta Thursday.

The bad news is that executions in the USA have decreased, partly, to Europe’s shame, because arrogant EUSSR sticky-beaks have stopped businesses in their jurisdiction exporting necessary execution material to America.




Yet when the Americans are accused of tapping their phones, etc., they go bat-sh%t – not a leg to stand on, given their own blatant endeavours to interfere in the American people’s domestic political/legal decision-making! If you act in hostile manner to any country, that country is entitled to take an interest in your real reasons for such misconduct.

But the worse news from Britain is that the serial child-molestor Ian Watkins has been sentenced, according to headlines, to thirty five years of accommodation with full board, TV, recreational and library facilities, at tax-payers’ expense.

Yes, of course, there’s a good chance real justice will be done, but informally, decent prisoners taking actioon they deem appropriate for a pig who sexually abuses babies.  But as ever, that is NOT the point.

Who among you believes Watkins should not be put down?

And the 35 years headline? Is it for real?

I beg to doubt that. Please scan the whole report, in the link, and see for yourselves. And one little section makes me wonder if words utterly have lost their meaning in the UK’s legal system.

Sentencing Watkins to a combined jail term of 29 years, he told him that he was being given an extended sentence. That means he will serve two-thirds of the term behind bars before being released.

How can an EXTENDED sentence result in him getting out around ten years early!?!

Hang the swine!