Merpati – Spoilt Brat, Tantrum, Blocks Runway – No Arrests?!

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Wanna see a picture of a middle-aged spoilt brat?

Here he is, Marianus Sae, Regent of Ngada, an obscure little back-water down south, who couldn’t get on the flight of his choice so ordered his local Satpol PP (civic militia) goon squad to rush in and block the runway!

And such is the character of Merpati Airline management that they want to sweep the scandal under the carpet.

What do you think of him? More to the point, what do you think of them?


Marianus Sae. Tribunnews

Marianus Sae – A Great Big Spoilt Brat!

Astonishingly, it look as if the authorities may lack the grit to prosecute this arrogant clown!

Marianus was accused of instructing local public order agency (Satpol PP) personnel to block the runway with their cars…one of the airline’s aircraft had to return to El Tari after it failed to land due to the blockade. The airplane, which was carrying 54 passengers, had flown for about 40 minutes before returning.


If Sae did this once, he could do it again! He should be dragged out of his regency offices in handcuffs, pending trial. But Merpati’s president director had personally contacted Marianus…the two had agreed to close the case.


What the hell’s going on? If Merpati don’t take action and get this irresponsible local leader prosecuted, nobody in their right mind should use their planes again.

Marianus said he ordered the blocking of the runway because he was disappointed with Merpati. 

“Merpati mistreated me,” whined the infantile puke.

Transportation Ministry spokesman, Bambang S. Ervan,said it was the responsibility of the National Police and the Home Ministry to prosecute and sanction the regent.

The Jakarta Post report confirms that anyone who obstructs or threatens flight safety could be sentenced to a maximum three years in jail and/ or a maximum fine of Rp 1 billion (US$81,873


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WHY THE HELL NOT? I suggest that readers let Merpati know how they feel about the airline’s pathetic handling of this case.


I aim to tell them that there will be no more Merpati flights for me if they let this slide.