Runway Blockade – Minnows Named, Blow-Fish Next?

Police on Tuesday said 15 public order agency (Satpol PP) officers in Ngada district, East Nusa Tenggara, have been named suspects in an investigation after carrying out an order from the district head to forcefully close a local airport on Saturday.

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Good news indeed, as far as it goes.

But these poor goons are just that – pawns in a game of how much weight an overweening, obtuse oligarch can throw about.

The real culprit remains the Regent of Ngada!


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I know for a fact that lot of local readers lodged protests with Merpati over the idiotic assertion that the ‘case was closed.’

I got an acknowledgement yesterday, after my own email reached the airline, and one hopes the message got through, that arrogant clowns like Marianus Sae will not get away with his nonsense!

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As reported previously, His Excellency ordered a squad of local civic militia to invade and occupy the runway at his local airport, not his of course, but clearly he’s not too tuned into the distinction between public and personal domain.

His irresponsibility caused a Merpati flight to turn back, purely because he couldn’t book a seat on the place he wanted.

Airport officials said they could do nothing to end the blockade because they were outnumbered by Satpol PP officers enforcing Marianus’s wishes.

Merpati  apparently wanted to do nothing about this. Merpati’s president director had personally contacted Marianus…the two had agreed to close the case.

But they reckoned without the people who like to fly safe in the knowledge that they’ll reach their destination. Like me, for a start!

So fifteen lackeys have been named suspects. But the big fat blow-fish who controls them, who sent them in?

East Nusa Tenggara Police Chief Brig. Gen. I Ketut Untung Yoga Ana says that “Our law specifies that questioning of district heads requires permission, a recommendation from the governor”

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Yesterday we reported that a senior cop was still not sure if action would be taken. Today it looks like public outrage properly channeled, can make a difference.