Gaystapo Bile Boiling – But NOT Over NYC’s First Lady!

All eyes in the USA are currently watching Utah. I won’t spend too much time on the outrageous situation there, just offer American readers a chance to join battle against judicial subversion.


judges rogue


=Here’s a link from NOM.
Utah is in a constitutional crisis with very little time to act — they must choose between following the clear law of the land enacted by the will of the people or the dictates of a liberal, activist Obama appointee. 

Please click here right away to send Utah Governor Gary Herbert a message: thanking him for standing for marriage and urging him to do everything in his power to defend marriage and the will of the people in his state.

We cannot let an activist Obama-appointed judge make an absurd, unilateral decision to do away with law and precedent and impose a radical redefinition of marriage on the people of Utah.


For many who are sick and tired of the whining incessantly heard from the gaystapo, about the ‘right’ to marry whomsoever you love – presumably including your sister, auntie, pet spaniel, whatever – this report from WND may not be a revelation but a confirmation about how activist ‘gays’ are a hateful bunch.

It’s about the nasty – one might even say bitchy – abuse hurled at a guy who was once quite a strident proponent of the so-called ‘gay’ movement, but managed to get himself sorted out, became normal and decided to get married.




He’s not turned fiercely on his former associates, simply got on with enjoying normality. But that doesn’t save him from the most venomous barbs.

Because it’s not what he’s saying that’s a problem for them – it’s the very fact that he has shown there is a way out of the mess.

And of course that is anathema to those who have cowed much of the scientific community into betraying their obligation to seek and defend truth,  denying reality and pretending ‘gaiety’ is inescapable.



Yet think back – only a month ago, that Bill  de Blasio was elected Mayor of New York, an out and out lefty, all for their sad ‘gay’ agenda, but married to a lady who was once a self-declared lesbian.




No barbs aimed at her.

Good on her! She too, like the victim in the WND report, has shot down the Big Lie that ‘gays’ can’t be cured.

But she’s a lefty, and/or married to a lefty. Thus untouchable.

Elsewhere in America, ‘gays’ who have emerged from their maladjusted troubles and resumed a normal life have been shamefully persecuted. Read this.

  • Weird world these weirdos live in.