Maine Governor Makes Sense on Bludger Benefits

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage is trying to stop ‘asylum’- seekers getting their greedy snouts into the State’s General Assistance funds.

But of course the agitprop gangs and even some tax-paid  bureaucrats have immediately begun whining. Immigration advocates and city officials in Portland called the proposal discriminatory.

And why shouldn’t it be? The money comes from the pockets of Maine citizens, and is meant to be for the benefit of Maine citizens who fall on hard times, NOT for uninvited aliens to gouge.

This dumbo definition of ‘discrimination’ is why people treat the word as a provocation these days. All laws should ‘discriminate,’ in such ways – for example, those allowing house-breakers to be jailed, but not stopping those who live in houses breaking in if they lose their keys!

The proposal is the latest to focus on limiting welfare benefits to non-citizens, a priority of Gov. Paul LePage since he took office in 2011.

I hadn’t heard much before of this governor, but he seems a sound sort of chap.





He was abused by local NAACP apparatchiks for not attending enough of their events, despite having previously officiated at lots of them.


He is not afraid to stand up and say EXACTLY what he thinks….the GOP gubernatorial candidate suggested he might tell President Obama to “go to hell.” 

Well, that’s a star on his report card as far as American patriots are concerned!




He got stuck into the bludger problem as soon as he was elected, an executive order allowing state agencies to question people about their immigration status before granting services or benefits.

Excellent. The order was described as a way to preserve benefits for Maine people and discourage outsiders from coming here to take advantage of Maine’s generosity.

But the Portland reporter jumps straight aboard the bludger bandwagon – LePage’s latest proposal would include people who have fled violence or political persecution and are seeking asylum in the United States, as well as visa holders and undocumented immigrants.


ILLEGALS, but the pinko slip shows with that last little dissimulative phrase.

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  • And Australian readers, for example, know all too well that many ‘asylum’- seekers,’ far from fleeing violence, take an evil delight in bringing it along with them, as in the Christmas Island Riot that burned up SIXTY  MILLION DOLLARS in one weekend,

In fact, the plan would stil leave cities and towns free to shower cash on these intruders, ony the State portion excised, But wow, just listen to the ranting. Without the aid program, communities would end up providing basic needs through soup kitchens and emergency shelters, say critics of the proposal.

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So? Beggars can’t be choosers – if they don’t care for what’s on offer, they can waltz off home again! But, oh, no way, according to their left-lib champions!

“This would be devastating for Portland and Lewiston. There are hundreds of people who would lose assistance,” said Robyn Merrill, a policy analyst for the Maine Equal Justice Partners. “We think we have a strong equal-protection argument here.”

Equal protection? That’s typical, pinkos who reckon unwanted aliens have the same equal right as citizens to take welfare from the public purse.

Well, I don’t know how many readers we have in Maine, but those should make their voices heard in support of their Governor at the public hearing on the rule change  scheduled for 1 p.m. Jan. 10 at 19 Union St. in Augusta, Conference Room 110. Written comments must be submitted by Jan. 24.