Merry Xmas, War Ain’t Over – Java Church ‘Terrorised?’

As we suggested yesterday, any hopes of justice for GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadlefia congregations were just that, hopes, dashed yesterday as once more they were not allowed to use their sealed buildings. In Bogor, the Yasmin site was ‘guarded’ by 300 members of the security forces, with Islamist louts seen prowling nearby.
But worse still for Indonesia’s shredded reputation for pluralism, was the situation in Jepara, Central Java.

This crass intolerance was formalised in a letter dated December 16, 2013 from the Secretary of Jepara Regency, invoking guidelines from the joint decree ( SKB ) issued by the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Minister of the Interior  – ‘on the main duties in the area of maintenance of religious harmony, the establishment of a forum of religious harmony, and the establishment of houses of worship.’

The Jepara local government deems the church has not qualified as stated under the terms of the decree,according to the letter.

Theo told Tempo the church has had its building permit ( IMB ) since March 9, 2002 . But it transpires that the activities of the church there are often disrupted because of pressure from certain parties. ”

So they have never felt able to use it over the last three months.
Unfortunately, while Tempo often does a great job exposing what happens to religious minorities here, their investigative journalism stops short of telling us who these certain parties are.
Easy to make guesses – IslamoNazi scumbags, I’d say.
Jepara Church Terrorised!
Terrorism? There’s a lot of it about, in Jepara!
 These three murderous swine brazenly boast of murdering a young Christian evangelist in Jepara. You can read their own account of their vile crime here, a direct translation from Voice of Islam, –  The Voice used the headline –
‘Allahu Akbar! Three Holy Warriors Execute Apostate!’
And this unkempt old bigot has openly supported their scabrous savagery.

He’s the local IslamoNazi FPI Gauleiter, who has featured in RRA previously.



Chairman of the Shura Council of the Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) in Pekalongan, Said Ahmad Sungkar


The victim was buried, eventually, in a GTIJ churchyard.




So that’s the Jepara background.

The shocking thing is that these persecuted Christians in the news now actually got the go-ahead from the Regional Representative Council, who recommended the Jepara Regent grant a decree for church use.


And on December 1, 2013, the congregation finally tried to worship. But a week later seven ‘residents’ appeared and worship was disrupted.

Ahmad Marzuki, Jepara, Bupati, Hijau, Program, IGRA, SWA, Bisnis

Jepara Regent Ahmad Marzuki


Instead of hunting down the sectarian louts who caused trouble,  Regent Ahmad Marzuki has now shut down religious liberty in Jepara, citing every possible ‘reason,’ not enough congregants, etc, EXCEPT ferocious Islamist intolerance!