Wise Words from Oz Muslims – ‘”Asylumers Go Home!”

Dozens of Lebanese asylum seekers detained on Nauru and Manus islands are being urged to return home voluntarily to avoid spending the ”best years of their life” locked up in detention.


Jamal Rifi and Sheikh Malek Zeidan should be commended for their action.

Dr. Rifi serves on the Council on Asylum Seekers and Detention, while the Sheikh represents the Mufti of Lebanon. Dr Rifi said he was going to advise them not to ”waste their life” in detention and to make the sensible decision to return home to their loved ones.

jamal_rifi Dr. Rifi

Good on ya, Doc!

Dr Rifi also said people returning home voluntarily would help in a public campaign to inform others that if they came to Australia by boat they stood to lose three things: ”Their money, their life and their liberty.”

Now what every Western country needs is for other ethnic groups’ leaders to follow this excellent example.
Not just in Oz, but in Canada and the Old Country too.
Not Welcome! Doormat
Some of those who hear them will surely be smart enough to go home, easing the burden on tax-payers and, as far as Australia, at least, is concerned, warn off others who think Australia is still the soft target that the previous Government in Canberra had made it appear.