Shariah Goons Roam Aceh, Stomping New Year Joy

Home from partying some time ago, early this morning, and now just about up to reading the news on the internet.

We had a fine time, and in a few more hours, we’re going out once more to resume celebration.

But let’s not forget those who were forcibly prevented from doing so, by benighted sectarians.


The Jakarta Globe evidently decided to be more transparent yesterday about the realities of the harsh, bitter intolerance practiced by the barbarous regime in Aceh.


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  • Last week the JG included a fatuous sentence in their report on the Islamist crackdown on New Year celebrations.

…non-Muslims could celebrate Christmas and New Year, but that they should do so in a way that maintained good relations with the Muslim residents.

As if those nasty bigots cared a damn about non-Muslims, or indeed about the undoubtedly large, and hopefully growing, number of decent Acehnese Muslims who wish to live in the modern world rather than a Dark Age despotism.

As I said then about the JG sentence  In other words, no going into town for parties in hotels or restos (banned) no trumpets (banned) or fireworks (banned) but perhaps a jolly handshake across the dinner-table, preferably with the curtains drawn so as not to upset the uptights? That’s religious tolerance in a shariah society!

And just as I said, and the JG last week seemed to gloss over, Shariah Police in Aceh have confiscated thousands of fireworks, firecrackers and trumpets in the provincial capital…


=Aceh's Sharia Gestapo in Action The WH- shariah goons in action


That gives the game away at once, all that hypocritical hogwash about how non-Muslims are free to celebrate. What with? How? Where?

The items were seized from dozens of shops and street vendors in Banda Aceh on Monday evening, said Reza Kamilin, an official with the Banda Aceh Shariah Police. Members of local police and public order agency (Satpol PP) joined the shariah police officers in the raid, he said.


  • reza kamilin Goon-Squad Boss Reza


“The raid was conducted to anticipate 2014 New Year’s Eve celebrations by people in Banda Aceh because, in accordance with a joint call by the Banda Aceh administration and an edict by the Banda Aceh office of the Ulema Consultative Assembly [MPU], there should no celebrations of any kind for New Year’s Eve,” Reza said on Tuesday.

Well, I sincerely hope Reza has a most unhappy New Year, every month, every minute, and I hope too, without much optimism, that next year may see the people up there liberated from the hellish oppression under which they suffer.

So much for all the cr%p about how Aceh fought so hard for its people to enjoy self-determination till the pact ten years ago! Their civilian government plays a part, yes.

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  • But it is clear from Reza’s words  – He added that his office had announced the ban two weeks because “it is haram, according to the MPU edict.” – that it’s a dyarchy, rather than a democracy, that he takes his orders as much from that grisly gang of obscurantist ‘scholars,’ the MPU, as much as from the legally constituted local government.

I get criticised sometimes for using the phrase IslamoNazis to describe what decent Indonesians (including decent Muslims) are up against.  But read on – what else can you call them!?!

Reza said that his office would continue to patrol the capital’s main arteries, hotels and cafes to prevent any New Year’s festivities. “If we meet any crowd, we will disperse it,” he said. “And if anyone carries firecrackers, fireworks of trumpets, we will confiscate them.”

Regardless of whether they are the Muslims over whom the MPU purports to rule, or the hapless religious minorities who may OF COURSE celebrate –  in a way that maintained good relations with the Muslim residents. What a hell-hole to dwell in!

And Reza’s victims? .

“They did not protest because they feel guilty for selling banned items,” he said.

Yeah right, very guilty, that’s why they were out on the public highway trying to earn an honest buck.

Postscript –  Somebody just told me I should show the world how NORMAL Indonesians of all religions feel about New Year, fireworks, etc. So here’s a picture of downtown Jakarta last night.

jakarta new year 2014