Good for Jokowi – Now Make MPs Go By Bus!

Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo started the new year by issuing an instruction stating that all civil servants must not drive to work on the first Friday of every month.

Jokowi, leading by example!


“Starting Friday, I call on all officials and employees to take public transportation to the office and leave their cars, motorcycles or official vehicles at home,” Jokowi said

Excellent news, and all the better that the Governor shows them how!

Now how about taking up my suggestion, made often enough!




Why won’t MPs going around Jakarta stop using fancy limos and share the ordeal of us commuters and other ordinary folk who cram onto buses, not the quite nice Busway buses (though they can be packed like sardine-cans too) but the regular buses, or metro-minis, or kopajas.

metro-minis metromini1

By experiencing the hardships of everyday Jakartans, they might begin to identify with the people they claim to represent!