Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?


“I declare my disapproval of the methods used by Densus 88!”

So said senior MP Hajriyanto Thohari after the special anti-terror unit scored a nice victory earlier this week, taking out six suspected terrorists – given there was a furious fire-fight, one of the good guys wounded, I’d say this politician’s whine -‘legally they had not been proven to be terrorists’ – is a bit much.

Your average kampung folk having a get-together don’t usually pack enough weaponry to make a shoot-out last for hours!



Nor was he alone in his strictures.

It all reminds me of those ratbags in the UK who kept sniping at the SAS and other heroic members of the security forces there. Some fools back then even ranted how terrible it was to have a ‘shoot to kill’ anti-terrorist policy

This mini-battle took place only a few miles from where I live in Jakarta. It occurred in Ciputat, part of the satellite city of Tangerang, itself a notorious nest of fanatics.

After hours of shooting, Densus officers still succeeded in taking one man alive.



As National Police Chief Sutarman noted, “We already gave them warnings to surrender. We had them surrounded, but they fired from inside [the house] and one of our officers was shot.”

But even as the wounded cop was getting treatment in a local hospital, the yapping from the talking-shop began.

“The presumption of innocence was not upheld when they fatally shot [the terrorist suspects] on sight,” That’s him again, Hajriyanto, a Golkar Party man.

And he was echoed by another MP, Sidarto Danusubroto – “there are smarter ways to minimize victims.”

And he’s from the secular PDI-P party.  http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/mpr-questions-densus-88-methods-in-fatal-south-tangerang-terror-raid/.

Susaningtyas Handayani

And another politician we have had reason to criticise before, for her anti-Australian outbursts https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/indonesian-mp-urges-unleash-the-bludger-boats-against-australia/ shot her mouth off too. Hanura’s Susaningtyas Neto Handayani thinks that being repressive is not as good as being persuasive. http://news.okezone.com/read/2014/01/02/337/920418/dpr-kritik-cara-densus-88-gerebek-teroris-di-ciputat

Yes, that’s right, Susan, the security forces ought to have tried a little sweet-talk before responding effectively to the terrorists’ bullets, maybe offered to buy them some nasi goreng special.

Nasi Goreng Sosis

When I first reported the cheering news, I said I expected criticism from the FUI. It would also not have surprised me if the IslamoNazi FPI, or even those self-styled ‘scholars’ in the MUI, had commenced a-shrilling, for they have all of them long been out to get Densus disbanded – on ‘human rights’ grounds, of course. 

Again, my mind turns to the admirable action in Gibraltar, March 1988, when three IRA curs (two curs, one bitch, actually) were shot dead. Instead of heaping praise on British military endeavour, the mealy-mouth left-libs at once began defaming their country’s fighting men.


I popped a bottle to celebrate, if I remember right!

Of course the situations, like the locations, then and now, are not identical.

Indonesia’s Islamist enemies want to take over the whole country, whereas Sinn Fein/IRA wanted ( and STILL want) to wrest away some of Her Majesty’s finest and most faithful subjects and force them under foreign rule.

But the same questions are relevant.

How many innocent lives were saved by the elimination of a gang of armed sectarians? And why on earth should anyone hesitate to applaud any victory over terrorists?