Cameron’s Turkish Delight Doing Obama’s Dirty Work?

RRA has posted previously on the Erdogan Islamist’s regime in Turkey, its sectarian agenda a nightmare for decent Turks who cherish Kemal Ataturk’s heritage of a secular republic.


While it has to be for Turks to liberate their country from Erdogan’s shariah yoke, we have tried to draw attention to Cast-Iron Cameron’s infatuation with this Islamist, who despite being a bad neighbour to Europe   is still seen by the UK Prime Minister as a fave candidate for EUSSR membership.

Cameron and Erdogan (1) Birds of a feather – Cameron and Erdogan – which of them said  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” from WT, March 3rd. 2010  

But the latest news from Turkey makes me wonder if there’s more to the Cameron-Erdogan mutual admiration society than meets the eye.


Cameron of course was thwarted by a (for once) alert House of Commons when he wanted to join Obama’s military jihad against Syria. In that sad country, there is a grave danger that Al Qaeda and other Islamist terror gangs may overthrow President Assad and extend their bloody genocide against the Christian minority there.


This won’t matter to Obama, who must be keen to find new friends after his Morsi (‘Jews are Pigs and Apes’) Muslim Brotherhood ally was ousted in Egypt.


Obama will spend millions of US tax-dollars to champion ‘oppressed’ ‘gays’ around the world, but when he came here to Jakarta, he uttered not a whisper of concern for the actually oppressed Christians here. 

Nor were we surprised. He’s a lying hypocritical swine.


But let’s consider what Erdogan’s Turkey is up to in 2014.

Police officers removed after stopping truck allegedly carrying weapons to Syria

Hürriyet reports that a truckload of …what..was stopped en route to Syria. The police officers were called off and punished for their quite correct effort to interdict terrorist supplies. 


The truck was followed by a team of police from Hatay’s Terror and Organized Crime Department on a tipoff that it was carrying weapons and ammunition to Syria.

It was stopped twice by the police, first near a gendarmerie outpost on the Reyhanlı-Kırıkhan road and again on the Muratpaşa road. The police were prevented from searching the truck’s cargo by an official statement from Gov. Celalettin Lekesiz, who said the cargo was a state secret

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  • The police officers who stopped the truck on the Kırıkhan road and the separate police officers who stopped the truck near Muratpaşa road were removed from their duties.

Also, several chiefs and deputy chiefs from Hatay’s Terror and Organized Crime Department were relocated after the incident.


efkan-ala Efkan Ala – saying nothing of the contents


Erdogan’s Interior Minister, Efkan Ala, has dodged and wriggled about the incident. 

As Hurriyet comments, the alleged presence of ammunition on the truck, as well as the governor’s demands that the truck be allowed to pass, have raised suspicions that the state is pursuing secret links with illegal armed groups.


Might this be part of Erdogan’s quid pro quo to keep his pal Cameron onside over the Islamist’s ambition to get an open-door into Europe for millions of Turks, many of whose countrymen have already settled in Western Europe and not all of them civilised?

Certainly supplying military help to the enemies of the Syrian Government is a cause dear to Cast-Iron’s black heart, and he is a noted Obama lap-dog, despite Obama’s anti-British stance in Ulster and the Falklands.

I guess we won’t hear much from either of those ‘leaders of the Western world’ in terms of endeavour to uncover the truth about Turkish terror support.