Intolerant Islamist ‘Scholars’ Condemned – by a REAL Scholar!

No surprise that the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI have flaunted their engrained Islamist intolerance once more, but good to see that decent Muslims are protesting against this latest disgraceful example of arrogant Sunni triumphalism.
———- reports that the Dark Agers’ Jogjakarta branch has been heresy-hunting, this month’s target being the Shia minority, ranting that their fellow-Muslims are misguided and demanding that all forms of their activities are thus prohibited.


Muhaimin, Scholar with both brain and conscience
But a voice of sanity is heard, the Chairman of the  FPUB ( Jogja Faith Brotherhood Forum) a decent man named KH Muhaimin –  “I regret the attitude of the MUI,” he says.
I should explain at this point that KH are not his initials but an indicator that Muhaimin himself is recognised as a Muslim Scholar, obviously a lot smarter than the mean-spirited MUI.
It turns out the MUI there had issued not a fatwa but only a reply to a bunch of fanatics calling itself the Islamic Jihad Front.
Even so, Ahmad Muhsin Kamaludiningrat, spokesman for the ‘scholars’ advised the jihadists  that indeed the local Shia were misguided and stated that the Foundation Rausyan Fikr, as a Shiite organization in Yogyakarta, should be shut down and banned from all its activities.
Sadly, that organisation has indeed shut down, ‘voluntarily,’ intimidated by the sectarian shrilling.

  • freedom-of-religion
  • “Our attitude is the same as MUI Centre, that declared Shia heretical  due to many deviant teachings,” said Kamaludiningrat.


But good for Muhaimin, who rebutted the intolerants – Jogja MUI does not understand the socio-cultural map of Yogyakarta, referring them back to the historic origins of the monarchy, Songsong Sultan Agung Mataram, whose king must protect all groups.