Jakarta – Bad News for Polygamous Bin Laden Fan!


Indonesia’s version of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has seemingly taken another tumble in public esteem after its fanatical chairman, Anis Matta, flaunted his polygamous status and got a Twitter whacking from indignant citizens, notably women, who, naturally, find polygamy a disgusting and sexist phenomenon.


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I’m  not one of those people who automatically dismiss enemies of freedom as stupid. Our job in defending civilised values would be a lot easier were that the case!

But in this instance, Anis must have taken leave of his senses in publicising his embrace of such a backward institution which nobody with any respect for women can support  – unless of course they simultaneously support polyandry, giving women the same choice of multiple spouses.


But that certainly ain’t the case with polygamists of the shariah persuasion. They regard women as ipso facto second-class citizens – just look at the shariah rules on inheritance, men entitled to the lion’s share, women what’s left.


Fahri Hamzah

  • A recent series of messages on Twitter posted by PKS deputy secretary-general Fahri Hamzah on Anis’ polygamous life with his second wife Szilvia Fabula has instead further tarnished the party’s image…

“Showing off a polygamous life to the public is not a good branding strategy. This will further degrade the PKS’ position in the political arena… said one lady.

And surely activist Defarina Djohan spoke for millions when she asserted that polygamy was a barbaric tradition…


Evidently the jolly jihadists now realise their error in celebrating Dark Age delights.

PKS deputy secretary-general Fahri refused to comment when contacted by the Post on Saturday, while chairman Anis did not answer calls. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/01/05/pks-chief-s-polygamy-turns-voters.html

So  – good that the PKS is incurring opprobrium….but the way the secular parties here are themselves slithering towards Islamist bigotry …maybe better the devil you know? More on that next week!