France’s End Begins Today? Thierry Tuot Defiles La Gloire!


This very day, Thursday, there’s said to be a meeting scheduled, to decide the destiny of France! And the French people and press are to be denied access to this conclave of elitists.

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  • enemy-within
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  • A disgraceful call to abandon France’s French identity has met with derision and denunciation from patriots, but since it comes from a committee reporting to the Prime Minister’s Office, it must be regarded as a serious threat.
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  • Hollande
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  • Not least in view of the fact that his Socialist comrade President Hollande’s win in 2012 was almost certainly due to the votes of disloyal aliens!




Thanks to Le Figaro, the sell-out document has been exposed to public scrutiny, and the international media have picked up the story.

Picking through its content is a nauseating experience – exhortations to degrade the national heritage by acknowledging what they choose to call its Arab-oriental dimension, a full-scale indoctrination agenda starting with the schools where the history curriculum would be bastardised…



Will Joan of Arc be booted from French history to appease aliens?


Charles-Martel or Charles Martel?


….while adults would see multicult interference every time they go out their front doors, with deliberate alterations to the names of French streets and other public places.  And of course shariah scarves back in the Republic’s ‘secular’ schools!

There’s even a call to declare a special Anti-France Day – though they don’t call it that – to recognise how wonderful immigration has made the country.

Banlieue burning Banlieue Bonfires?

Perhaps a bonfire night could be included in that dark day’s celebrations, to commemorate the frequent outbreaks of arson in the banlieues, where even the cops dare not undertake normal patrolling because of the lawless alien rabble who dwell there.


The Reuters version mentions that keeping track of the growth of the Un-French population is banned – I wonder why? – but clearly it has swollen to a menacing extent.


  • Thierry-Tuot Tuot Le Twit
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  • These subversive schemes come from a ‘senior civil servant’ named Thierry Tuot and a clutch of ‘experts’ who also want to censor the media in order to disguise the high incidence of crime among  the enemy within – no more mention of nationality, religion or ethnicity.
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  • censorship
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  • Of course many undesirable aliens could still be identified by their names, and even their addresses, given the concentration of so many un-French savages in the banlieues.


Inevitably, they want stupid laws against “racial harassment.”

No doubt similar to the idiot ‘hate crime’ laws in the UK and USA, whereby a broken nose is elevated from a low-level assault to a much more punishable offence depending on the ‘ethnicity,’ ‘religion’ or ‘sexual orientation’ of the nose’s owner.

They also want Arabic and other immigrant languages pushed in the schools.

The righteous indignation among decent French folk has caused Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to quail before their patriotic wrath.

“Just because I receive a report doesn’t make it government policy,”


  • Jean-Marc_Ayrault_(1) PM Ayrault
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  • But fears of betrayal are justified, because Ayrault has backed out of a planned public seminar on the Tuot Twit document, instead acting fast to hide what the sell-outs are up to – he’s holding a ‘closed door’ confab this very week –

Ashamed to expose their treachery to further public obloquy?

No wonder even the ‘moderate’ UMP Party is up in arms, their leader Jean-Francois Cope challenging “an attempt to make multiculturalism the new model for France…

“It would no longer be up to immigrants to adopt French culture, but for France to abandon its own culture, language, history and identity to adapt to other people’s cultures,” he said


Arrogant primitives who cannot adapt to living in a civilised country have a clear choice-

Grow up or get out.

  • Deport_them_now
  • There are plenty of backward swamps in the Middle East where they could practice their sexist nonsense to their heart’s content, drape their women in the scarf of subjugation and deny them equal rights of inheritance.

And they’d get plenty of Arabic in school every day!.