“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!”

It appears that primitives in the UK, or persons disguised as primitives, are engaged in large-scale electoral fraud, though given their ever-increasing numbers, you’d think they’d just be patient till they out-number honest Brits.


As an Asian newspaper reports – Voters in the UK should show a photo ID before being allowed to vote at polling stations, the election commission said today after growing concerns of fraud emerged among certain South Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2014-01-09/uk/46029290_1_election-fraud-election-commission-communities

The Electoral Commission, which undertook a consultation on ‘Electoral Fraud in the UK’ last year, found that electoral fraud is committed in areas largely populated by some South Asian communities.

However, although individual Conservatives in local government are raising the alarm http://www.conservativehome.com/localgovernment/2014/01/cllr-peter-golds-election-fraud-the-scandal-goes-on-and-on.html as usual Cameron is fiddling while Britain burns.


learn to lose Or fight back – Britons’ choice!


My Ulster kin long since recognised the problem, and the electoral system there was some time ago reformed to minimise opportunities for fraud.

It would be a simple matter to do the same on the mainland of the British Isles – why no action? There is an important EUSSR election due in a few months – emergency legislation could be sped through Parliament if Cameron so wished.


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  • I doubt it’s down to a conscious effort by the Government to facilitate voter fraud, though that is the case in the USA.
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  • Barack Obama, Eric Holder
  • There, Obama’s racist flunkey, Eric Holder, does all he can to encourage cheating. And of course he and his boss would love to let all those illegal aliens vote too.
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Maybe it’s because Cast-Iron and Co. are afraid to offend dirty rotten alien cheats, like the “very tall (six foot plus) figure wearing a full Islamic Burka and noticeable for large feet and distinct red trainers” who “entered the polling station and voted three times?” http://www.conservativehome.com/platform/2014/01/its-time-to-put-a-stop-to-vote-early-vote-often-in-britain.html

If that answer is dismissed as partisan, please give us a better one, Cameron.

Meanwhile, BAN the BURQA!