Good On Ya, Prof – Sexist Bigot Rightly Dealt With!

Top marks to the Canadian academic who told an ignoramus, very politely, to get lost.

-And ZERO to the Faculty Dean who over-ruled him and may even bring down sanctions on him for taking a stand against Dark Age bias.

  • Some backward sexist took a course which, though mostly on-line, required a meeting at one stage with others taking the course. The sexist bigot, who is too shy to identify himself (and YU can’t because of ‘privacy rules’) refused to do this, on the grounds he couldn’t bring himself to mix with women because of his ‘religious beliefs.’

The Professor, Paul Grayson of York University, said no way – and he’s absolutely right. York is a public university, not some sectarian pseudo-college, and if you don’t like mixing with other people of whatever category, you shouldn’t sign up for it.

As Grayson says. “You could have other students making similar requests… They could say, I want separate seating areas in lecture halls for males and females.”

And that of course is what some grovel gurus in the UK tried to promote just a few months ago  though happily public outrage made those appeasement apparatchiks beat a hasty ( but I bet temporary and tactical) retreat.

Again, Grayson made the same point we did here on RRA.


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“What if … I said, well, my religion really frowns upon my interacting with blacks?”


Martin ‘Sing-Along-With-Sexism’ Singer


But Martin Singer, the Dean, has disavowed Grayson, and wants to let the kook continue – though said kook has intimated he is ready to withdraw – and the case has sparked a national furore, both Tories like Peter Mackay MP and Socialists like Thomas Mulcair MP for once weighing in on the side of sense. .

I have said often enough that any private business, or any private institution, should be free to discriminate in any way they see fit.



If they don’t want men, or older men (like me!) or women, or pretty girls, or Baptists, or Marxists, so be it. Probably (except in the case of marxists!) their loss, because all the other categories can be useful additions to any team.

But a university funded by the Canadian tax-payers should in no way countenance such benighted discrimination.