The Sumatra PAN-Shariah Boss, Forcing EVERYONE to Pray?

However, hope springs (well, staggers a little) eternal, for even Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi, an Islamist extremist himself, has come out and said this piece of gestapoid legislation is a fatwa too far.


gamawan-fauzi- Minister Gamawan


“If it is only a call advising people to go to the mosque to pray, or to go to the church for the Christians, it’s fine,” he told the Jakarta Globe. “But it’s not fine if they issue a bylaw which carries sanctions. They don’t have the authority, as religious affairs are under the authority of the central government.”

Yet despite the disgrace this bye-law would surely bring to Indonesia, he seems in no rush to act.

Gamawan said that if the Bengkulu government passed the bylaw, his ministry would review it and decide whether it should stand or face annulment. “We’ll study it first,” he said.