Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?

I have never trusted anything emerging from Broadcasting House, even before those rats proclaimed their neutrality as between their own Armed Services and the Argies in 1982.

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  • I remember even back in 1964, they acted as suppliant handmaidens for Wilson’s propaganda war against Ian Smith in Rhodesia. The BBC cast its charter to the winds by acting as Harold Wilson’s Pravda during the Rhodesian sell-out.

Harold Wilson used the BBC World Service to promulgate false information about Ian Smith. A letter in the PRO from the Rhodesia Ministerial Committee to the Prime Minister advised that Ian Smith should be portrayed as a weak unreliable figure. Note that the BBC’s World Service, although fully financed by the government, is subject to the same “public service” conditions as the Home Services…


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….Another letter from the Commonwealth office dated 25th May 1967 refers to a request by the PM to be shown fresh guidance before it was sent to the BBC. The official said; “I am afraid this guidance has gone; in accordance with our usual practice it was given orally and confidentially to the Head of their African Service.

It was suggested to the BBC, we should continue as in the past to make Mr Smith appear incapable of making up his own mind. He should be portrayed as evasive, weak and vacillating. Full agreement was reached with the BBC and the guidance has already been reflected in the content of broadcasts.”…-

This campaign went on for two years. A letter from the BBC to the Civil Service asks for permission to discontinue the campaign because of staffing problems. The BBC man in charge, presumably responsible for continuously breaking his obligations under the Royal Charter, was being promoted.

These letters are probably the only official documents available which prove without any doubt that the BBC has been used by the government of the day to broadcast government propaganda. Stop BBC Bias – BBC Charter Review

  • So while I was impressed by an excellent article in  the about the BBC’s bigoted pro-alien bias, I was not in the least taken aback!
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  • Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, begins with recounting how Nick Robinson, the BBC’s Political Editor, had admitted senior management of the BBC deliberately suppressed discussion on immigration in the early 2000s for fear of an extremely negative public reaction. 


Stop Immigration


But within barely 24 hours began to back-track dramatically –  he had meant no more than previous admissions by senior staff that the BBC had been “slow on the immigration story…” http://www.conservativehome.com/platform/2014/01/sir-andrew-green-of-migrationwatch-the-sorry-story-of-the-bbc-and-immigration.html

Sir Andrew says that from his own experience they were absurdly timorous,. using ridiculous, shifty expressions like “in-migration” instead of “immigration,” and suppressing shocking statistics like the 2005 figures which showed that net migration had risen by 65 per cent in one year.  This was not even mentioned on the BBC.




Unfortunately, belated semi-confessions like Robinson’s have not resulted in anything like an honest, or even more honest than before approach. Talking of a recent BBC programme, Sir Andrew notes that it  started with the ridiculous cliché that “we are a nation of immigrants”.  In 1901, only 1.5 percent of the population were foreign-born.




In just ten years from 2001 to 2011 the foreign-born population increased by nearly three million, bringing it to 13 percent.  The programme failed to appreciate that this massive acceleration of immigration is what lies at the heart of public concern.


I won’t waste your time going through the whole piece, rather than let you read it for yourself. But one conclusion is damning.


Either there is extensive ignorance within the BBC about the basic parameters of the problem, or there was a deliberate decision that any such programme must trot out the usual “positive” genuflections towards immigration, with no suggestion of limits.  Either answer, or even a combination of the two, weakens the authority and, crucially, the credibility of the BBC.

Time to clean out the pig-sty!

Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC admitted in 2010 “In the BBC I joined 30 years ago [as a production trainee, in 1979], there was, in much of current affairs, in terms of people’s personal politics, which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left…”

And it’s not changed much since then! It is probably incapable of reform, so just sell it off!