Jailing Jonas – FPI, Most Mean-Spirited Men in Indonesia?

The case should not be protracted because Muslims are waiting for its continuation –  the case that Jonas has tarnished and toyed with religion.”

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English pamphlet, c 1830 – civilised people got over this stuff 200 years back!


Among the many good reasons to loathe and despise the IslamoNazi FPI are their constant attempts to portray their obnoxious, cowardly and often rather stupid selves as somehow representing Muslims in general.

I meet and interact with Muslims almost every day (unless I am housebound by the weather) so I can testify that there are plenty of Muslims here in Jakarta who are perfectly normal people, who do not go out looking for trouble, who do not hate people of differing religious views, and who not derive delight from wrecking others’ happiness.


  • Islamonazis on the War-Path

    IslamoNazis on the War-Path

  • UNLIKE the FPI!

And thanks be for that – the sheer vicious bigotry of those white-shirt louts is nauseating, and in respect of the final words of the above paragraph, about deriving delight from wrecking other people’s happiness, here’s a familiar face – Idrus, the IslamoNazi Gauleiter in Depok, still frothing about Jonas and Asmiranda.


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  • You may recall the pleasant young couple, Jonas and Asmiranda, who married despite their differing creeds. Their big mistake was not to go to Singapore or Thailand, where religious tolerance prevails – here, the law forces either bride or groom to engage in apostasy.
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Jonas apparently said he’d recant his Christian faith, but then thought better of it,  an admirable decision, surely – nobody of any religion should feel coerced into abandoning it for any reason other than a genuine conviction that another religion is better.

But thanks to ranting fanatics like Idrus and to Asmiranda’s intolerant family, his fidelity to his faith ended their marriage. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/islamist-bigotry-triumphs-over-love-sinetron-romance-broken/

But breaking hearts is nowhere near enough to sate the hate in what passes for an IslamoNazi soul!

FPI have not changed their plans to have Jonas Rivanno jailed…Bogor Police have requested a criminal expert witness to examine the alleged blasphemy reported by the FPI.

“If the results from their expert are not to our satisfaction, FPI will also get a criminal expert, from the University of Indonesia, who cares about this fight,” said Habib Idrus Al Gadhri. http://www.wowkeren.com/berita/tampil/00045484.html

Isn’t that vengeful vendetta truly pathetic?