Cameron To Fight for Scumbags’ Right to Stay in UK!

Few Brits will have forgotten the murdered headmaster, Philip Lawrence, and the dirty scumbag who killed him, Chindamo, whose sacred right to family life was ruled enough to stop his deportation.

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 Chindamo – Garbage

Learco Chindamo was, is, not only a brutal murderer but a liar as well, who for years claimed that he was the victim of mistaken identity, but later said, ”I did a terrible thing when I killed Mr Lawrence…” He was jailed indefinitely but some gutless clowns on a parole board let him out in 2010. That piece of garbage is walking London’s streets even as I type this.

But it is hardly only Chindamo we have to think about.

 Ibrahim  – Garbage

The BBC reminded us of another piece of garbage – ‘ Iraqi Kurd, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who killed 12-year-old Amy Houston in a hit-and-run in Blackburn in 2003. He was jailed but allowed to remain in the UK after he and his wife had two children following his release from prison. Ibrahim’s lawyers successfully used Article 8 to argue for his right to stay and judges at the Court of Appeal refused an application to appeal against that decision in April this year.



Every year, more than 3,200 foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers and EU “benefit tourists” use the Act to thwart Home Office attempts to remove migrants – or stop them arriving in the first place. The majority of cases use Article 8.

 Gurung – Garbage

A Nepalese killer, Rocky Gurung, a Nepalese killer, was allowed to remain under Article 8 even although he was a single adult with no children. A Sri Lankan robber was allowed to stay as he has a girlfriend in Britain. And a Bolivian was permitted to remain to care for his pet cat.

A Home Office source said that: “The Government is committed to ensuring a better balance between an individual’s right to a family life, expressed in Article Eight of the ECHR, and the wider public interest in controlling immigration.”

So the Mother Country, that which Shakespeare termed our ‘sceptred isle,’ is now a garbage dump for filth that won’t go down the drains where it belongs.

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Despite all these sickening affronts to both common sense and British sovereignty, that pathetic weasel Cameron is girding up his lousy loins for another battle on behalf of all such alien filth.

…in the latest challenge to the Prime Minister’s authority, 100 MPs are backing a rebel amendment, tabled by Tory Dominic Raab, that would make it all but impossible for foreign criminals to exercise their Article 8 right to a ‘family life…’


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


In case you haven’t already noticed, that’s Article Eight of the evil ‘European Convention on Human Rights,’ that sick, out-dated charter which Cameron and Co elevate above British justice. Despite overwhelming public disgust at the ECHR, and its ‘court’ of rogue judges, the Downing Street Snake won’t budge from his refusal to repudiate its absurd pretensions.

…Ministers have been resisting the amendment, which they claim is so strict that it could flout the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. It could lead to a humiliating split in the Commons. 

Yes! A split! Pro-British MPs Vs Left-Lib Ratbags.

“Dominic Raab, the Conservative MP who has drawn up the amendment to the Government’s Immigration Bill, said it would stop foreign criminals bringing “spurious” human rights challenges.

  • DOM raabII
  • The only exception will be when the foreigner can prove they face torture, ill-treatment or death in their home country….

Good enough as far as it goes, although if some Islamist terrorist faces a wee bit of discomfort back in some sandy spot, I can’t see many Brits objecting.

The surprising thing is – this wise step could pass in the forthcoming Commons vote!

Mr Raab said 105 MPs from Conservative, Labour and Democratic Unionist benches have already signed the amendment, which will come to a vote in the Commons on Thursday next week. Negotiations are believed to be underway behind the scenes to win backing from Labour’s front bench. If they agree to abstain, the amendment has a strong chance of going through.”




And then what will ‘Cast-Iron’ Cameron do? Stamp his little foot and dash off apologies to Britain’s robed enemies? Or get the decadent old creeps in the Lords to reinstate his preferred policy of UK subservience to Strasbourg?