Viva Italia – Stop Immigrazione Clandestina!


As we reported 24 hours ago, the arrogant invaders of Europe just keep getting more arrogant, especially in Italy.

Not content with leeching off the Italian tax-payer, a bunch of crimmigrant Moroccan creeps in Rome are demanding dead-lines for them to be unleashed on the community.


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  • The incumbent EUSSR-collaborationist regime in Rome is undermining Italian defences against the illegal incursions, PM Enrico Letta flaunting an insane plan to de-criminalise crimmigration!


illegal_understandEnrico_Letta_-_Festival_Economia_2013 PM Letta


Italy has been inundated – forty thousand or more in 2013 – and this buffoon wants to encourage the flood?

But sensible Italians are speaking up against these Moorish moochers.

On Sunday, Northern League Senator Massimo Bitonci said the migrants were being treated over generously in comparison with Italians struggling in the recession. “In a country where there are no resources you wonder what services the interior minister has had to cut to provide this benefit to the migrants.”


bitonci-2 Senator Bitonci


Yet Italy too is afflicted with left-libbery.

“They’ve been left in complete uncertainty, no-one has explained anything to them,” says Gabriella Guido, a pinko chick who belongs to the LasciateCIEntrare, a pro-crimmigrant agitprop outfit.

Wow! Poor wee things!

If they don’t like the free lodgings provided, they can sod off back to Morocco! Gabriella tells us there’s a tense climate in the centres… “They are under stress, angry and they’ve lost faith. This is the only form of protest they have.”

No, Comrade – they can apply for repatriation.

It’s possible that bunch oozed directly across the Med by boat from Morocco, but most crimmigrants are country-shoppers. The report says that many of the 40,000 invade Italy after travelling through North Africa, from Syria.


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  • Senator Bitonci is absolutely right to object to his fellow-citizens’ hard times being made harder to accommodate uninvited aliens.