Yahoo’s Contempt for Customers Reaps a Rut!

Yahoo’s latest quarterly report shows CEO Marissa Mayer is still having trouble bringing in more revenue as online advertisers spend more money at Google, Facebook and other rivals.

Apparently only the acquisition of two Asian companies – before her arrival – is keeping spirits up in Yahoo HQ.

But the fact she’s only been there for 18 months hardly lets her off the hook. She is the big boss and could fire the suicidal geek-freaks who changed the face of Yahoo for the worse.

540px-How_to_Change_Back_to_Yahoo!_Mail_Classic-004 Good old Yahoo Classic


The amazing thing about the report quoted above is that it fails to mention one very obvious reason why Yahoo is doing so badly- the fact that it steam-rollered thousands of protesting internetters into its ugly and awkward-to-use new look, denying them the option to continue with the popular Yahoo Classic.

And any business with its own best interests at heart provides an email address for customer service.

Just try getting through to Yahoo – a simple request for help with ‘Photos’ gets simple-simon sentences back, which don’t even work when you try to implement the ‘advice!’

Classic had Photos there in the column beside your mail, easy to utilise, but these days, it’s just a bad joke.

What sort of management deliberately antagonises the people on whose continued support its commercial success depends?

How many readers have changed to Google or some other provider?

An interesting question…?