The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely!

I just got home ten minutes ago, fed the cat and am now sat here with the front door open, listening to fireworks booming away across Jakarta, Chinese New Year tomorrow and celebrations already underway.




And something to celebrate in Australia, too, if  it’s true that the Abbott government is reportedly planning to axe the ABC s Australia Network Asian service.

Needless to say, every red, green and pinko cur has given voice in protest that their very own Pravda may finally be getting, if not its neck wrung, at least its unpatriotic wings trimmed.

Look at this!

The federal opposition has defended the valuable work done by the ABC’s Australia NetworkActing opposition leader Tanya Plibersek says reports that $223 million could be pulled from the service represent the latest “petty tit-for-tat exchange” the government is having with the ABC.


Apparently some ministers believing its coverage is negative and fails to meet its intended goals.



Don’t forget, Pravda is Russian for Truth!


Well, after the disgraceful way ABC spouted the crimmigrant ‘case’ against the Royal Australian Navy, despite the fact the disappointed queue-jumpers had no evidence to support their laughable ‘torture’ claims, any ministers who DON’T think that nest of renegades revels in negative coverage of the news must be off their rockers.

Oya, that fat-cat Malcolm Turnbull sprang to the ratbags’ defence – I rest my case!


  • Tony_abbott_011209_t325
  • Australia’s Prime Minister, however, has a good grasp of what real Australians are up against.

Tony Abbott this week accused the ABC of acting against Australia’s interests and lacking “basic affection for the home team.”

  • enemy-within
  • Possibly Abbott noticed the revelation on Facebook by an ABC ‘national reporting team staffer’ named Alison Branley about …the story our Jakarta guy ran on the asylum seekers burns claims. My boss feels the allegations are likely to be untrue.”


The ABC’s “Jakarta guy,” George Roberts, wrote last week that images of burned hands “back up the claims of mistreatment made by the asylum seekers” during previous ABC interviews.

As one Facebook comment put it fairly and squarely, “Jeez, Alison, if your boss had doubts about this, why didn’t she seek clarification before running with the story and besmirching the reputation of the whole Australian Navy?”

But that’s the whole point.

As Miranda Devine says, the story was never plausible…the most likely scenario is the asylum seekers tampered with the engine and burned themselves in the process.

But their claims were accepted uncritically by the ABC.

Footage of burned hands was offered in evidence and spread via the ABC’s ill-gotten Australia Network to Indonesia, where it provided ready ammunition for our detractors.


  • ABC_bias_Logo
  • ===========================
  • But what does Miranda expect?
  • ABC has a long record of bias, distortion and censorship of the truth. It is fact that they refused to allow their staff to describe the Taliban as terrorists.
  • One honest journo remarked at the time –
  • `So here I am on Channel 10. I can say that the Taliban execute women for adultery. They’ve been known to throw acid in the face of young girls who don’t wear veils and so on. I can get it off my chest on Channel 10, but I can’t say it on the ABC.’’
  • —————————–
  • That link is always worth re-reading, particularly the info on a nauseating leftist named Trioli…
  • ……………………………………………………………………,
  • imageABC’s Bias Queen, Trioli
  • ——————
  • But she is hardly unique, although outstandingly blatant in her bias.
  • ——–



So why surprise that their ‘Jakarta guy’ submits as newsworthy the  likely to be untrue whining of arrogant illegals comfortably lodged in an hotel by the Indonesian Government.


That Government flaunts its refusal to interdict the flood of  mendacious malignants from Indonesian ports, yet whines more loudly than a self-injured Q-jumper when Oz sends the undesirable aliens back to whence they came. The Oz-hating elements here in Jakarta are doubtless rubbing their hands with glee at the ABC’s splurging the tiresome ‘torture’ yarns.

.The sooner the entire ABC propaganda machine is dismantled – and its counterparts in Britain (BBC) and in Canada (CBC)  – the cleaner the airwaves will be.

Let’s hope the report we began with is true, and that it’s just the first cut, perhaps the sweetest, but with the deepest yet to come.