A Million Bengali Women to Get Oz ‘Asylum?’

You can dismiss my headline as hyperbole, but if you read the linked report, you may think again.



So if the latest insane ruling from the Refugee Review Tribunal, which admits it suspects the woman concerned “fabricated”at least part of her “evidence,” is treated as precedent, then millions of those ‘stuffed’ females have every right to expect similar brainless acquiescence from future tribunals.

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  • No hyperbole, no dramatisation, because in the official tribunal record, tribunal member Rowena Irish refers to the “endemic nature of domestic violence against women in Bangladesh generally” and concludes that “the absence of gender equality” is a reason to grant asylum under the Refugee Convention.
  • “The tribunal accepts that women are discriminated against and viewed as inferior in Bangladesh,” her judgment states.
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Rowena is absolutely right. And not just about poor Bengali bints – every country ruled by shariah law is a nest of sexist injustice, and I feel sorry for any woman who lives in such iniquitous societies.


But the inexorable logic of the ruling is that every woman from every shariah state now has grounds to seek, and be awarded, asylum in Australia.




What makes the situation even worse is that the woman won her appeal despite bizarre ‘evidence,’ much of which would make a cat laugh!

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  • So if even only a percentage of other women from that sort of backward, bigoted and benighted country, where “women are not treated equally in family law matters or where a woman alleges sexual assault. There are great social pressures on a woman to remain with her husband even though she may be the victim of domestic or sexual violence.” – even if just a percentage hear about this, as people do, and then they come along, with more reliable facts to back up their asylum applications…contemplate, and shudder!


Bangladesh has 155,000,000 people, half of them probably women, most of them adults, none of them with anything like equal rights. I’d say twenty million eager to escape is understatement, not hyperbole!

“The women have to show this is not just a domestic matter but a systemic failure by the state to protect them,” says that professor…

………..as is the case in Bangladesh. 

And then there’s Saudi, and Somalia, and Sudan, and Iran, and…