Rats On The Run! ABC Memo – Skip the ‘Flourishes.’

Always nice to see pinkos under pressure!




And no clearer proof, that the rats’ nest called ABC is feeling the heat, than the memo from Gaven Morris, their Head of News.

After the disgusting way the ABC told viewers that ‘torture’ accusations by crimmigrants against the Royal Australian Navy had been ‘backed up’ – when there was no genuine evidence to ‘back up’ any of the slurs against the sailors – it seems this pinko outfit has suddenly felt it needful to warn off its minions – 

Don’t embellish the facts on asylum seekers, ABC warns staff


…we don’t need to interpret them beyond what we know, nor should be [sic] editorialising or seeking to add adjectives or any flourish….

I would like to think that they have got the message, that, like the BBC during the Falklands War, news media which batten on the public purse are expected to support the country that pays their fat salaries.
But a quick check on their current activities  indicates that they have not terminated the employment of that boorish lefty bint Trioli, who presented perhaps the ugliest face of ABC bias ever recorded.
On the contrary, only last month, she was given a star-turn job, hosting ABC Radio’s flagship current affairs program AM.
Until they perform the herculean task of cleansing their sty of the likes of her, nobody is going to take their pretensions to fairness seriously.


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For a brilliant summary of ABC’s clumsy manoeuvring over the last few weeks, enjoy this link  http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/get-your-yahya-out-for-abc-comic-relief/story-fni0cwl5-1226816100852