Scots Gaystapo Strikes Again – Preacher Arrested!


Another shameful police swoop on Christians, this time in Dundee, where an American evangelist, Tony Miano, was grabbed by local cop-goons and hauled off to jail. His crime was to say that sexual perversion was wrong.

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  • Garry Selfridge, spokesman for Christian Concern said that the Dundee court “is being a little pathetic and backward” in allowing the proceedings to move forward. “There is an overall blanket of political correctness that cloaks the whole establishment in the UK, so the police are not well advised or well trained to deal with such situations,” he said.

It has always been common in Scotland and England, to hear various types of Christian preaching in the streets, but because some shrieking pro-homo female started causing trouble, Miano was arrested for causing a “disturbance.”




In fact it was the weirdo woman causing the disturbance, and her companion went further, trying to seize and smash a camera belonging to one of the Scots pastors with Miano.

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  • But the jack-boot gendarmerie cared nothing about dealing with the trouble-makers, even though the Christians had already finished their stint and were preparing to go home..

One of them, Pastor Williamson, said that when the woman “lunged” for the camera, the officers arrested Mr. Miano without speaking to him first.

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The LSN article covers a lot more than this case of gaystapo suppression of free speech.

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  • For sheer intolerance, queers, or at least their self-styled ‘representatives,’ are hard to beat.

But it is truly alarming when the police, who are meant to serve and protect the rights of all, decide to act as enforcers for the hateful ‘gay’ agenda, deeming the hurt feelings of some sensitive deviant more worthy of protection than the historic right to speak freely on any issue.

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