Congrats! A FINE Indonesian Muslim Scholar, Unlike MUI!

Extract from Jakarta Post

….veteran Muslim activist M. Dawam Rahardjo blatantly attacked the Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) for declaring Ahmadiyah teachings as heresy.


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  • He said MUI had no right to declare such fatwa or religious edicts that discriminate against minority groups.


Cikeusik Pogrom – Islamist Pigs kill Ahmadi Martyr

He also regretted said fatwa had led to many Ahmadiyah members being attacked and their houses of worship destroyed by provoked rioters.

The discussion, however, turned ugly when some hardliners in the studio audience stood up, approached Dawam and threatened him with violence unless he stopped talking.

Read that whole linked JP story, please, and you’ll appreciate why i congratulate this elderly, learned, decent man.


Muslim scholar Dawam Rahardjo was awarded Indonesia’s annual Yap Thiam Hien prize for human rights in Jakarta on Thursday.

So heartiest congratulations!!

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  • Why?
  • Because of Dawam’s record of defending the rights of minorities, especially religious minorities such as Ahmadi Muslims, Shiites and Christians…

This makes him an Islamic scholar in a million, or at least VERY different from the MUI, the self-styled ‘scholars’ who get huge government funding  – and police support in their nasty intolerant  vendettas against ‘heretics!’


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  • And they see no shame in bloodthirsty brutes in their senior echelons, like Al Khathath.
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  • Dawam, by way of contrast, is Rector of Universitas Proklamasi 45 in Yogyakarta, a genuinely educated man,
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This JG report, like the JP link above, is a goldmine for those of us who care about Indonesia – for example, I didn’t know Dawam was expelled from Muhammadiyah, which likes to call itself a ‘moderate’ Muslim organisation, and Indonesia’s second largest, BTW.

Why? His strong push for pluralism.

“…I don’t feel lonely anymore defending the minorities,” Dawam said.

Nor are you sir!

Each week I go about Jakarta talking to people, usually young people,  who share my belief in this fine country’s future.


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  • I find that there are PLENTY of patriots who agree with me that good people of all creeds must resist the primitive Islamist agenda espoused by MUI Dark Agers…
  • ….like Ma’aruf Amin – female circumcision is a human right 
  • Or their top dog (is that an insult?) Amidhan, who told all of us last year, during Ramadan, that we are absolutely entitled to do as we please, but if we get raided by IslamoNazi scumbags like FPI for doing so, ‘don’t complain!’
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  • Terrible things to say, and that’s why I often have to remind some readers that there are MANY good, honourable Muslims here, who do not deserve to be lumped together with the evil IslamoNazi FPI or the bigot ‘scholars’ of the MUI.
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  • And not just here!
  • Think of Malala, in Afghanistan, or those people in the USA,
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  • Or even that Scottish Muslim who stood up in London with his placard, telling the obnoxious traitors of ‘Muslims Against Crusades‘ that ‘if you want shariah, go to Saudi!’
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  • Such Muslims are not only very good but very brave.
  • Don’t forget their noble example when you get angry at ignorant Islamists.
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