Ratbags Retreat – ABC ‘Admits Mistakes!’

ABC head Mark Scott admits mistakes over report claiming navy inflicted asylum seeker burns

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Not before time, the half-baked leftists who run the ABC have beaten a retreat, not, I’d say, because Tony Abbott told the truth, that those media tax-leeches are instinctively anti-Australian (watch the video on the link – Media Watch is pretty good!)
But because most people agree with him.
It is, after all, the people of Australia who own the ABC, though God forbid their elected representatives should intrude on the divine right of ABC hacks to peddle anti-Oz propaganda!
It’s almost funny to see how the ABC top dogs are blaming the crass lack of professionalism in the initial report.
Remember? That video ‘proof’ of ‘torture’ by the Royal Australian Navy which appears to back up a bunch of queue-jumping illegals?
Of course it did nothing of the sort; if anything, it suggested that some crummy crimmigrants were venting their spleen on the good guys who’d thwarted their dreams of bludging.
And they got a helping hand, from that simpleton comment about their poor little hurt handies backing up a claim of abuse. That comment would make a cat laugh!
In a statement posted online on Tuesday afternoon, ABC managing director Mark Scott and head of news Kate Torney said:
‘‘The ABC’s initial reports on the video said that the vision appeared to support the asylum seekers’ claims.
That’s because it was the first concrete evidence that the injuries had occurred. What the video did not do was establish how those injuries occurred.

As if that ends the affair.
There is no way all this is down to a mere slip by some simpleton or an error of judgement.
If that were the issue, then bias would sprout in ALL directions, not just in the ugly leftwing form evinced most spectacularly by Virginia Trioli.
She was never fired, instead given fresh responsibilities even as of last month!
So we know that a culture of contempt, bordering on hate, thrives in ABC, despising anyone who does not share their own weltanschauung.
cultural marx
ABC has long been under the control of – whom?
The people? Hardly.
Their elected MPs? Hardly.
Then who?
Even when the Howard Government was appointing responsible citizens to sit on its governing body, the nonsense we heard from both that government and those citizens about how they wouldn’t seek to take editorial control away from unelected pinkos was, again…
Well, I won’t say it this time, just illustrate…
ibitidur HoHoHo!
No way would those elitist toe-rags let pro-Australians make them pipe down,
The ONLY way to cleanse the sty is to sell it to some private enterprise company, maybe that section of the commercial media which spews out identical leftist views.
They could buy it, and then I would criticise the views but acknowledge their right to propagate them.
But to allow the hacks on ABC to continue to present themselves to the world as the Voice of Australia?
Pure masochism.