New Labor/Green Bid to Stab Oz in the Back?



‘Temporary humanitarian concern visas’ grant asylum seekers protection for up to three years but don’t allow family reunions…’


Asylum seekers Australia protest The arrogance of these ‘asylum-seekers’ has to be seen to be believed. It’s not their country, but they have the brass neck to make demands on its government – if they’re so keen to see their kin, let them go back where they belong!

The Labor dilemma arises because the federal government has found a backdoor way to start granting temporary visas to asylum seekers after an earlier bid to reintroduce temporary protection visas failed.

And why did it fail? Because Labor sold out in the Senate, linking up with Green pinkos to block the sensible government plan!

But already the agitprop outfits are getting their knickers in a twist, although most normal Australians will understand and approve Scott Morrison’s statement.


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“The temporary humanitarian concern visa can be valid for up to three years. Your visa may be for a shorter amount of time as your circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis,“ the document said.

“If you are found to still need Australia’s protection you will be granted another temporary visa. As you arrived illegally you cannot apply for a permanent visa. If you are found to no longer be in need of Australia’s protection, you are expected to return home.“


But listen to this!

“It’s a sinister subverting of the legal and parliamentary process from a shifty government.”

Yeah, it’s her, Sarah, shrilling more loudly than ever, employing adjectives more appropriate to the objects of her adulation, the sinister crimmigrants whose ungrateful amok-run on Christmas Island cost Aussie tax-payers six million dollars in one weekend.

Or the shifty sleazoids who destroy their documents – which are often faked anyway – and lie about everything, even their age!

Or the obnoxious alien bints who expect the Oz public purse to provide free boob-jobs!

These are scum we’re talking about, but Hanson-Young perseveres on their behalf relentlessly, flouting the people’s will as expressed in the ballot box.




And speaking of ‘power to the people,’ we regrettably have the infamous Paul Power, of the Refugee Council of Australia, who seems upset that Tony Abbott should seek to honour the clear mandate he recently received from the electorate!

…the federal government was doing everything it could to ensure asylum seekers could not gain permanent protection.


“What the government has done is found a little-used existing visa that they’re attempting to use as a de facto or alternate form of temporary protection visa,“ he said.

People of goodwill, in contrast, will surely say well done!


Australians know that for every would-be welfare waster allowed in, there’s a string of bints and brats eagerly awaiting his summons to join his snout in the benefits trough.

Instead of wasting time trying to devise a way round the obstruction of Power’s pals in the Senate, Morrison has simply done his home-work, discovered a visa which has been used very little in the past and is now putting it to good use!,