‘Moderate’ PAN Fanatic Bribes Muslims Into Prayers!

One of the big jokes here is that the National Mandate Party, PAN, is run by ‘moderate’ Muslims.

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  • Its founder, Amien Rais, demonstrated his ‘moderate’ credentials splendidly fifteen years ago when he showed his solidarity with the Laskar Jihad murder gang, which was sailing off to Maluku to butcher innocent Christians.
  • When Laskar Jihad’s parent body Forum Kommunikasi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah called a mass rally of Muslims at Jakarta’s Senayan Stadium in April 2000, the attendees included Amien Rais, leader of the Partai Amanat Nasional (National Mandate Party)


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  • But of course, over the years, under younger leadership, surely it might have moderated?

Ya gotta be kidding.

  • Patrialis-Akbar-dalam Patrialis Akbar

But I won’t – need to mention he’s now a senior judge here, on the Constitutional Court, no less!

And on it goes! 

The latest hare-brained jihadist stunt, in Bengkulu, Sumatra, using expensive prizes to get reluctant Muslims to attend mosque prayers, is the impressive invention of the Mayor, and what party does he hail from?


Everything’s relative, of course!


helmi hassan PAN fanatic Mayor of Bengkulu


Yes, the MUI reckons he’s gone too far, and if the Indonesian Council of Scholars think an Islamist fanatic is going too far, he must be tottering on the edge of the known universe!

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  • The head of the Indonesian Council of Ulema’s (MUI) branch in Bengkulu has warned the city’s mayor that his pray-for-rewards program is in danger of propagating discrimination and gender biases.

So far so good…

“The mayor has good intentions. However, religious equality should be taken into consideration — such as people who follow different religions.”

That’s Rohimin, MUI boss in the sectarian-ruled city. He’s referring to glittering prizes offered by Hasanincluding free pilgrimages to Mecca and one of his own fancy cars, a Toyota Innova!

But don’t get carried away with any notion that he’s digging into his own pocket for all these devout delights! His fellow-fanatics on the city council have agreed to plunder the public purse, purely for their own co-religionists’ benefit.

The local government has allocated fund of Rp 2.3 billion ($188,600) for the program from the 2014 regional budget.

I see no mention of any goodies galore for church-going Christians, but then that’s no big surprise!

The offer is conditional on the terms that citizens must pray 42 times consecutively during the stated time at the mosque in order to qualify for the free umrah, and 52 times in a row for a free hajj journey.

Rohimin reminds us that, due to sexist shariah rules, women  may not go to pray while menstruating, so they cannot hope to match the men’s zeal. There is no exception in Islam about it. Thus, there should be a special consideration for women, that we cannot apply the rules generally both to women and men.”

Well, at least he sees that the sex discrimination he insists may not be waived – no exception – is unfair.

  • And he is intelligent enough to see what a mockery of true religious devotion the whole scheme is. The mayor’s incentive program would encourage citizens’ to pray with the hopes of material rewards, not to be a better Muslim, Rohimin said.
  • Heck, I know more than a few Christians here who’d go to church regularly for a free Toyota! But could they drive it through the eye of a needle?
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One hundred people will be shortlisted to be given the prizes. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/bengkulu-mayor-criticized-for-rewarded-prayer-scheme/

Roll up, roll up!