Jakarta Globe's Rancid Bias! 4 – 1 for 'Asylum' Softies!

The Jakarta Globe is notoriously left-lib, and of course everyone here knows that. Unfortunately, people overseas won’t, and may even be unwise enough to assume the JG has enough journalistic integrity to give fair play to both sides of controversies.

  • Indonesian Fishermen in ‘Australian’ Waters? Legalizing It

Just Gauche!

( Gauche means ‘unsophisticated’ in English, which certainly describes the JG analysis of the crimmigrant question, but don’t forget it also means LEFT in French!)


  • Those folks will, one hopes, today be disabused of that notion, after a double-whammy of pro-asylumer propaganda, one that sees to be posing as ‘news,’ the other owning up to be editorial – but unsigned, no name to blame!
  • That’s the usual left-lib style, exemplified in the spineless leftist who graciously urged me to ‘just die’ not long ago, then scuttled back into his dank little lair to avoid identification.
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  • However, editorials are indeed the place for personal prejudices, and that in the JG certainly relies on prejudice and ignorance, school-boy/girl howlers studding vacuous paragraphs, like these –

We ( who’s we – the coffee-klatsch?) also believe that it’s time for Australian ruling elites and opposition to stop using the asylum-seeker issue as a political tool to gain votes while sacrificing human lives in the process.


Needless to say, sacrificing human lives is not nice. It’s what the Greens and the agitprop outfits in Oz do by encouraging queue-jumpers to think they’ll get settled if they swarm onto unseaworthy bludger-boats and set sail from Indonesian ports.

But the JG seems to blame any candidate for political office who listens to hard-working people’s protests and frames policies to meet their democratic demands .

As Tony Abbott does, BTW!

  • Tony_abbott_011209_t325
  • And GET THIS!

From a newspaper in the country which holds mineral-rich West Papua after a rigged referendum in which only just over a thousand Papuans were allowed to vote.

The story of present-day asylum seekers is not one of people looking for gold and glory like the 17th and 18th-century Western explorers that ended up colonizing large parts of the world.




And it just gets better all the time.

These people are not a threat. They’re on the run primarily to escape torture and death at home.

No, obviously the scummy ‘asylum’ hooligans who did six million dollars damage on one weekend last year are no threat to anyone.


And even the honest LABOR PARTY Senator Bob Carr has gone public to say LOTS of them are just economic migrants.


And some of them are on the run to ask Oz tax-payers to provide free boob-jobs.



The anonymous JG scribbler is, as they often say in the UK, a bit of a tit! But he (or she) is just indulging in inane editorialising.

That’s their privilege.

On with the motley.

Now HERE’S what they regard as serious objective NEWS coverage.

For Many Australians, ‘Sovereign Borders’ Hard to Justify

I won’t quote the whole load of codswallop, but the essence de tripe is that, as debate rages on the Australian mainland…many Australians find themselves in a similar position to their Indonesian neighbors, unable to defend the actions of the Abbott government.


out with them a sensible ‘asylum’ policy


Of course every nation has within its population people who are friends to every country but their own, and PM Abbott recently noted the tax-funded pinkos of the ABC as a good(!) example of that aberration.

But the diligent JG went out if its way to get a fair cross-section of opinion, and managed to find

Alicia Barker, a university student from Melbourne

Hospitality employee Alexander Bemelen

Scott Collie – no job? No info at all!

And, funnily enough, ANOTHER university student Matilda Edwards.

FOUR specimens who revel in dissing their government’s endeavours to defend Australia’s land and seas from crimmigrants, only ONE of whom has a definite job, and what the heck IS a hospitality employee anyway?

A barman? A bell-boy? A lap-dancer? No problem with any of those careers, but the JG shouldn’t cover up the facts with pretentious nonsense.

Oh, and none of them boasts of taking in any ‘asylumers’ into their own homes. It’s other Australians who need to hang the albatross around their necks!

Right, so the score so far is FOUR for critics of the Coalition.

Wait for it – fair play is catching up fast.

Not all Australians are against the policy, though.

Oh, hahahahaha!

What a wizard investigative journo we have here! Abbott got elected on a platform of stopping the bludger-boats and this wee girl can actually deduce that SOME Aussies must approve of his policy?!

Dear God, what a GENIUS!

Jack Buckley has spent the last two months on exchange in Indonesia, and he supports Operation Sovereign Borders… http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/for-many-australians-sovereign-borders-hard-to-justify/


The score is FOUR – ONE!

Now THAT’S media bias, mate!


BTW, I’m sure some of you noticed I used the words wee girl to describe the author of the above abominable excuse for a ‘news’ report (and it IS listed under NEWS in the JG, not OPINION. I pressed both buttons just to make sure)

We know it’s a female because the JG gives her a by-line, Harriet Conron, but as usual keeps us in the dark about her qualifications.

Could it be the same Harriet Conron who describes herself an RMIT Journalism student / assistant producer of @PanoramaSYN. Also a waitress…

If so, would that explain why she included two more university students among her winning team of whingers?

And maybe she doesn’t mix socially with many to the right of Kevin Rudd, which might explain her abject failure to give a fair representation of Australian opinion?


As I often tell my many Australian readers, do not be misled by the asinine comment in the ‘news’ story that many Australians find themselves in a similar position to their Indonesian neighbors, unable to defend the actions of the Abbott government.

Arguably, the Indonesians the writer mixes with are other JG jokers, who are indeed part of an ‘elite,’ albeit with no clear merit except money. They enjoy a much higher income than most Indonesians, and probably don’t mix much with ordinary folk.

I do, and few Indonesians I talk to give a monkey’s for ‘asylum’ parasites, nor are they notably anti-Oz.

Indeed, if you check the comments below the Conron cr#p, you’ll see Indonesians lashing the leftist nonsense.