West Java – IslamoNazis Rant at Valentine ‘Virus!’


I suppose we should expect a hate group to rant and rail at a day devoted to love, but even by Islamist fanatic standards, the IslamoNazi Gauleiter in Depok is going over the top.

The Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) admitted their concern at the proliferation of young people celebrating Valentine’s Day.

fpi-depokkoko Idrus ‘denounced those who celebrate Valentine’s Day!”

Yep, it’s none other than our old buddy, Habib Idrus Al Gadhri, who is for some reason especially vexed that events often last late into the night and even into the early hours . http://jakarta.okezone.com/read/2014/02/13/500/940330/fpi-prihatin-banyak-cabe-cabean-kena-virus-valentine

All this partying boils down to one thing: Valentine ‘s Day! “We have watched a lot of malls, entertainment centers, vying to be implicated…”

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But it gets even more outrageous!

He added that on February 14, they usually congratulate each other , send cards and flowers, couples express mutual affection or love!

OMG – Heavens to Murgatroyd!

“Lately, the Valentine Virus isn’t just attacking teenagers…even older people are also drawn to the celebration that comes from Western culture.

fpi kill busddhist

“It’s haram for Muslims to celebrate the valentine day of affection. It’s contrary to Islamic values, compassion in Islam is not necessarily specific to one day, but every day is time for a human being to be compassionate,” he said.


fpi kill busddhist

Oh, yes, the FPI are noted for their compassion!


He’s especially upset at young Muslim girls joining in or tagging along with this Western disease, or rituals of other creeds. http://jakarta.okezone.com/read/2014/02/13/500/940330/fpi-prihatin-banyak-cabe-cabean-kena-virus-valentine

So a totally harmless fun day is a DISEASE?


Okay, but what is worse?

Doing all in his power to wreck a young couple’s marriage? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/islamist-bigotry-triumphs-over-love-sinetron-romance-broken/




Causing fear among innocent people by means of imbecilic thuggery?

IslamoNazi Thugs Nabbed – Well Done, Depok Cops! 


Going berserk at the Mayor’s office? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/islamist-bigot-biter-bit-in-west-java/

  • Is that his interpretation of how every day is time for a human being to be compassionate?