Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back!

An attempted mass invasion of Spanish territory by illegals was repelled when border guards fired rubber bullets to scare off the crimmigrant mob.

But instead of applauding the Spaniards’ successful defence of their tiny Ceuta outpost, the ‘European’ Commissar Malmstrom has gone into immediate whine mode, a virtual verbal back-stab!


Migration routes map


The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.

“I expect clarifications from the authorities,” Ms Malmstrom said. BBC News – EU to probe Spain over rubber bullets fired at migrants

Who the hell does this unelected bint think she is?


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  • Unfortunately, the woman’s infernal arrogance is nothing new, nor atypical among the Commissars.

But equally, neither is this the first time crimmigrants have sought to storm the small Spanish overseas territory. And ‘storm’ is not just how I describe such illegal incursions.

Here’s a report from almost a year ago.

Madrid – Scores of African migrants stormed a border fence from Morocco into Spanish territory, leaving seven injured, authorities said on Tuesday…

“More than 150 people tried to cross” late on Monday, said Abdelmalik El Barkani, head of the Spanish government delegation in the territory of Melilla….Hundreds of African migrants have tried to enter the territory in recent months by storming the fence or approaching by boat, according to Spanish authorities. Migrants storm Spanish fence | News24

So what would the Commissars have Spain do? What’s their notion of how a nation should react ‘proportionately’ to invasion by mobs of savages. Open the gates and let in a tidal wave of would-be welfare bludgers?


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  • Well, yes, I imagine that’s exactly what Brussels’ multicultists would really like to happen.
  • But I reckon your average ‘man-in-the-Madrid-street’ thinks different.
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  • And I agree!