Another Amok-Run by Ingrate Illegals!

So, according to SMH, the crimmigrant rabble on Manus Island are showing their true colours, just like the louts who rioted last year to the tune of six million dollars, money gouged from the Australian tax-payer to provide those very queue-jumpers with free board and lodging.


  • christmas-islan Last year’s mayhem by malignant ‘asylum’ hooligans
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  • The report says the savages rioted at the centre on Sunday night, setting fire to a compound, tearing down fences and destroying tents..



out with them


  • Clearly all of those undesirable aliens involved should forfeit their privileges and be put onto whatever form of transportation is deemed suitable, for prompt depatch back to whence they came.

If they won’t abide by the rules whist waiting for their cases to be processed, what kind of citizens would they make in any country ill-advised enough to give them house-room?