Nice One, Canada – Alert to Mexican Crimmigrant Menace!

Nice one Stephen!

The Canadian Prime Minister has been somewhat beleaguered recently, all kinds of domestic issues, but his recent declaration, that he won’t be lifting the requirement that Mexicans coming to Canada need visas, is wise and welcome!

Stephen Harper won’t drop visa rule for Mexicans, source says


Apart from anything else, like Canada’s yummy welfare system, a lot of illegals see the Dominion as a handy back-door to the USA, and while Obama is busilly trying to unhinge the front-door, non-unhinged Americans will be glad that at least one head of government in North America is alert to the crimmigrant menace.

According to the report, Canada’s stnace is making the Mexican political establishment really mad. 



  • Who the hell do they think they are, to wax indignant against a sovereign country as to its determining who may come and go across its borders?

Fact it, what would be really mad would be for Ottawa to scrap the rule, which had to be introduced five years ago to prevent the increasing number of asylum bludgers from south of the Rio Grande!