Anarchic Manus ‘Uprising’ – Issue Rubber Bullets, ASAP!

Small wonder then that one of the ‘asylum-seekers’ has paid for his presence among the insurrectionists with his life. Was he one of the cimmigrant rioters, or maybe their victim? We don’t know yet. Serious interrogation of the re-secured trouble-makers is required.
These illegals should have realised that many PNG people are no more enamored of being saddled with lawless bludgers than are the Aussie electorate.  Any more, surely, than citizens of Indonesia, where detained Rohingya have also run wild, killing a Myanmarese fisherman unlucky enough to fall into their clutches.


So if they deliberately defy regulations carefully explained to them and run amok, out beyond the centre’s control, then they have to carry the can themselves.

So can it, pinkos!

  • tears sarah-hanson-young Loudmouth Green
  • Greens spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young said the violence showed the centre “must be closed, and it must be closed now.”  Better to apply that exhortation to the big mouth of the bleating Green shrill.

For sense, we need to turn to Australia’s Minister whose job it is to defend his country against illegal incursions.

  • morrison

“This was a very dangerous situation where people decided to protest in a very violent way and to take themselves outside the centre and place themselves at great risk,” said Scott Morrison.

The AAP version acknowledges that a mob of ‘asylum’ crimmigrants breached internal and external perimeter fences.

But then the same reporter, with a seemingly straight face, quotes a local MP, Ron Knight  making the outrageous claim that  the staff are the bad guys. “They are arrogant and totally responsible for the situation,” he said….


ron knight mp Knight – one can see why he identifies with ‘boaties!’


So the STAFF broke the rules, breached the fences, to unleash a break out from the centre where the would-be queue-jumpers are lawfully confined?

That’s Alice in Wonderland stuff. Especially when the same character vouchsafed that his staff were turned away from the centre when they tried to find out what was going on. 

So how come he can pin-point the culprits? 

Detention is not meant to be a picnic. It goes without saying that the uprising is by people who travelled through or past various countries, no requests for asylum known to have been lodged in any of them.


  • snouts_in_the_trough
  • They are intent only on getting their greedy snouts into Australia’s yummy benefits trough. Country-shopping, I think it’s called in Oz.

Now, thwarted by the Australian people via the ballot box, they show the reality of their malignant character, violence and vandalism, just as occurred last year, though this episode sounds worse still.

Out with them!


And pending deportation, would it not be prudent for the authorities to take a leaf out of Spain’s book and issue rubber bullets to guards at the centre?

Riotous inmates deserve all they get, but the safety of centre staff, and any members of the public menaced by these anarchic undesirable aliens, and also of inmates who decline to join in mayhem, must be a priority until the swine are sent back to where they came from. Indeed, use of effective means to restrain their disgraceful depredations will, if it keeps them within the compound, likely save their own skins!