Churches Sealed by Islamist Intolerance, Worship Continues on the Street

Once more, the persecuted Christians of GKI Yasmin and HKBP Tambun churches held Sunday worship on the road outside President SBY’s Palace this week.


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  • Yasmin was denied the right to worship in their own church in Bogor by that city’s fanatic Mayor Diani, and has often seen hordes of Islamist louts bussed in to back up the bigot ban. In  Tambun, which comes under the authority of Neneng No-Shame Yasin, Regent of Bekasi, rabid mobs have hurled filth and urine at the congregation.
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  • Despite high court rulings, and in Yasmin’s case a recommendation from the National Ombudsman office, these intolerant local leaders and the hate gangs have prevented the Chrsitians from exercising their constitutional right to worship.


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.GKI Yasmin Church spokesman , Bona Sigalingging , said the action at this time was to remind the President to pay attention to his legacy.  
“…the Government does not want to implement the rulings. The Interior minister rejected the Supreme Court decision so we always worship here to remind the President that there are regional heads in Bekasi and Bogor in violation of  court rulings, as well as the Ministers of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs averting their eyes from the decision of the Supreme Court, ” Bona said.

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Well, Bona should not be surprised, nor I’m sure is he, about the attitude of Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi, who is notorious for his imposition of discriminatory shariah laws when he himself was a local head.

Nor can anyone with a taste for religious liberty hope for even a sympathetic glance from Suryadharma Ali, Minister of Religious Affairs, who, holding a portfolio ostensinbly devoted to managing impartially the religious issues in this multi-faith archipelago, rants about ‘heresy’ when even Muslim minorities dissent from his own narrow version of ‘universal criteria.’


The President could try to blame them for the worsening reputation Indonesia has around the world in terms of religious intolerance – but he appointed them, and won’t fire them.