Oz – Deport This Dirty 'Asylum' Pig NOW!

I suppose all the countries on the face of this planet have dirty scumbags, home-grown, who have to be nabbed and incarcerated – pity more countries don’t have corporal punishment! – but why on earth import more such human garbage?


We have just witnessed, on Manus Island, the antics of violent, vicious louts queuing up to jump the queue into Australia’s welfare trough. Now we have a news report from another one that has insanely been allowed into Australia.

But what’s to be done with him?


A Bangladeshi asylum seeker has been sentenced to at least 15 months in jail for stalking and indecently assaulting a blind woman on a Sydney train. http://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/21561706/man-jailed-for-indecent-assault-on-train/

In fact, he got 20 months, but the idiotic rules in Oz will see the piece of pig-sh#t out by the end of October. And while it’s said that, when his holiday on the public purse ends, he’ll likely be deported…


.…that’s just not good enough.

Vermin like this ( he showed no emotion throughout ) should be deported immediately. A good sound flogging would be handy, but merely imprisoned, he’ll just be a further drain on the  already long-suffering tax-payers. 

If his offence becomes known to other convicts…

Rubel Sheikh

HERE’S HIS PHOTO, BTW – Rubel Sheikh – please circulate to anyone serving time in NSW!


…he might well get some proper retribution, but these decadent days, the public-spirited cons who exacted realistic punishment would likely themselves be penalised.


pig fatty

Mustn’t be harsh to a poor piggy whose peculiar lawyer, a dork named Cohen, claimed was isolated, lonely and depressed after his bludger-boat cruise!

I say peculiar lawyer because Cohen also argued in mitigation of the pig’s crime that the brave victim resisted the assaults. I don’t have much time for lawyers in general, but that twit?

Yuk! He’s hardly any better than the morons on the panel which approved the pig’s settlement in Oz!


He was suspected previously of involvement in other such offences.  And he’s not unique.

The alleged attack is the third time an asylum seeker has been charged with a sexual assault in the past year in unrelated incidents.