McGill’s Moronic Micro-Marxism – Scrap the Cr#p!

Some Muslim readers have submitted the idea that I am unfair in my comments about their more fanatical brethren.

Perhaps this arises from my criticism of those who repeatedly moan and groan about some person or group whose words, or even worship, ‘hurts the feelings’ of the tender-skinned tykes.


So, as I always try to do, I offer examples of equally inane antics in the West. Today’s is from the Dominion of Canada!




A McGill University student was forced to apologise for a jokey video purporting to show Barack Obama losing his temper.

The numbskulls who run one of Canada’s most distinguished institutions (up till now – McGill today has been rendered a laughing-stock by their cultural marxist tin-pot tyranny) took exception, NOT because the video might offend Obama (and upsetting a head of state’s hardly a reason to make people apologise, unless you live in North Korea!) but because it constituted microaggression !

And what the hell is that?

It seems Canada’s new PC ruling class define it as insensitive comments or actions made against those of a different race, culture or gender. These aren’t outright incidents of racism, but the tepid and often accidental moments and comments that just don’t sit right

Sit right with whom, is the obvious question.

But leave that for the moment.

Canada used to have free speech. Now it doesn’t. They haven’t – so far – sunk to the level of Indonesia’s major pubkishing company, Gramedia, with its Hitlerian book-burning.


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  • But they’ve sunk pretty far, when universities, even once-great universities, now see it as their job not so much to educate, but to safeguard cry-baby whiners who MIGHT have their sensitive little souls wounded by – well, anything?

If you refer to a family’s black sheep? If you tell an Irish or Polish joke?

If – yes, i raise the dread example again – if you depict Scrooge McDuck in ways that suggest his Scots ethnic origins contributed to his miserly character?


scrooge mcduck


Scots so far have not degenerated to the extent they lodge complaints about the famous duck, but plenty of other ‘minorities’ – so many as likely to constitute a majority! – harbour freako fools who take umbrage, or pretend to, at just about anything.

Thus in Montreal, where young Mr. Farman did not even create the video, which had appeared on the Jay Leno TV show with no known backlash.

His ‘apology’ has been widely publicised.

“The inclusion of the .GIF image was intended to bring a humorous tone to the email and use President Obama’s frustration with the press conference in question to mimic the frustration students feel when confronted with midterm examinations.

Oppression, as outlined in SSMU’s Equity Policy, means the exercise of power by a group of people over another group of people with specific consideration of cultural, historical and living legacies. The image in question was an extension of the cultural, historical and living legacy surrounding people of color—particularly young men—being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture and media. By using this particular image of President Obama, I unknowingly perpetuated this living legacy and subsequently allowed a medium of SSMU’s communication to become the site of a microaggression; for this, I am deeply sorry.”

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  • This borders on the imbecilic. Obama is a middle-aged man, only partially black, and almost every time we wtach tv or films, we see images of people of ALL colours -particularly young men .-being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture and media…

It’s true Obama’s disgraceful intrusion into the judicial process during the Trayvon Martin case identified him with anti-social black youth, but that’s HIS racism, not some Canadian undergraduate’s.

I hadn’t seen the video till this turn of events, but having done so (see the link) it is clearly not in any way racist, just a joke at Obama’s expense. 

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  • It’s time to scrap the cr#p in McGill and every other university, and restore free speech! If Scots or Blacks or Greens or Muslims or Christians see or hear things they find offensive, big deal!

It’s how we grow up to live in this difficult but interesting world.