Time for Indonesia’s Red Reprobates to Face Their Guilt!


The Jakarta Globe ‘news’ report above is hardly news at all, though it’s listed as such on their website, their excuse being it’s tied to the recent stupid IslamoNazi disruption of meetings held to discuss that Dutchman’s book.

Once again, however, it’s largely PKI-empathetic propaganda pap, the sort we’re used to, the JG no better than its so-called ‘rival’ for the English-language readers here in Indonesia’s capital. It includes all sorts of quotes, but none from anyone who thinks Communism stinks!






How come these people have such a grip?

I wish I had the money to launch a genuine alternative to the left-liberal in-crowd who never ask the right questions and spoon-feed the populace with sob-stories about those poor persecuted totalitarian hypocrites who served the cause of tyranny until the PKI’s power-grab was thwarted in 1965.

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  • The JG piece is headlined ‘Time for Indonesia to Face PKI Past.’

What we should instead demand is that those unforgiveable old reds who refuse to acknowledge the evil they endorsed fifty years ago should face up to THEIR past.

There’s no excuse.

Communism in all its cruel forms murdered far more people than Hitler’s Holocaust ever claimed.


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  • Red tyranny continues today in the squalid dungeons of Castro’s Cuba, in the repeated reports that come out of Red China and Vietnam of censorship and prison cells, and, of course, from North Korea, the very example which the PKI’s late and rarely lamented leader, D.N. Aidit proclaimed as the marxist paradise he most admired.

But will those senescent PKI cadres admit their guilt, their eagerness to impose similar miseries on their own country?

Not that the JG or JP ever reports.

Will they admit it was their lying propaganda that duped simple peasants and labourers into joining PKI fronts, which put them in harm’s way when the counter-attacks took place.

Those poor people got it in the neck, while many of Aidit’s comrades slimed off to Moscow or Beijing to comfy exile, leaving the men they’d made mugs of to face the wrath of an angry nation, dealt out wildly in the aftermath of the Gestapu kudeta attempt?

Instead of demanding at least a measure of repentance from the guilty, the weasel journos in those two pinko papers forever seek to muddy the waters, mixing up, on the one hand, cases of innocent victims of mistaken identity, or the harsh injustice of punishing innocent kin for the sins of red family members, and on the other, essentially evil men and women who even today boast about their allegiance to a morally bankrupt ideology.


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I’m not saying they should be forever denied forgiveness.

But they should EARN it – one can’t accept an apology which has never been offered!

An easy way for them to do so would be public denunciation of marxism-leninism and all its works. Such rebukes from men and women who’ve seen the light are immensely valuable, much more helpful to the anti-communist cause than all that we conservatives can say, because they were on the inside of the conspiracy.

Look back at that great compendium of repudiations, The God That Failed. That book comprised confessions of CP acolytes who finally saw through the deceits – including Arthur Koestler and Ignazio Silone, among others.

An Indonesan version of that book would be a valuable addition to every high school library.

But its publication depends on the objects of the JG and JP’s sympathies growing a conscience.