Oz Greens – Not Only Pro-Crimmigrant, Comsymp Too!

Not a bad idea, Australia, this suggestion of unloading some of the crimmigrant cargos in Cambodia.

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Third World destinations are entirely appropriate,

A  – because that’s the standard they are used to and should more readily fit in with, and…

snouts_in_the_trough The Oz Trough of Gold

B – because their recalcitrant reaction immediately exposes for all to see (and most people not wilfully blind already see) that they are NOT seeking ‘asylum’ at all, merely a handsome welfare trough into which to insert their dirty lying snouts.

The Greens said on Sunday the government was disgracing itself globally. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/02/23/greens-say-cambodia-deal-appeasement


“Once again again it is appeasement of an anti-democratic regime, just like Tony Abbott did in Sri Lanka,” the Greens leader, Christine Milne, told reporters in Hobart. “Why isn’t Australia standing up for the opposition and the examination of the election rorting that went on in Cambodia rather than appeasing the regime and trying to outsource Australia’s asylum-seeker responsibilities?”

More to the point, surely, are the undemocratic regimes whose election rorting this bint has long ignored!

Cambodia’s election was rigged, but at least the opposition got to run a campaign with candidates, challenging the ideology of the ruling clique.

Why was this shrill not shrilling about Vietnam’s last ‘election?’ Or Laos’ last ‘election?’

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  • Because she can see nothing wrong with the fact that the communist oppressors of those two countries NEVER have real elections, just charades in which no opposition is permitted?
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  • ‘Rorted,’ rigged, made a mockery, Vietnamese and Laotian ‘elections’ amount to nothing more than bare-faced bloody suppression of the people.




If Milne were not suffused with selective indignation, we’d have heard a series of good loud protests, condemning the red tyranny under which two brave peoples have languished for forty years.

That would make her carping on Cambodia’s shortcomings something other than hypocritical whining from a comsymp creep.